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0002096unrealircdpublic2004-11-13 12:25
ReporterWhite_Magic Assigned Tocodemastr 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version3.2.3 
Summary0002096: Who flag for bots
Descriptioni went to do some eggy work and wanted to find all the bots in a 200 + people channel, i was almost certain the /who system had a flag to find " bots " only but it seems it dont - this would be useful for opers /chanops to find bots with +B umode.
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2004-09-27 23:11

administrator   ~0007810

/who +m B


2004-09-27 23:59

reporter   ~0007811

duh i know there was a way, thanks syzop - im off to bed now *hangs head in shame lol*


2004-09-28 01:55

reporter   ~0007812

I should point out that only works for IRCops...


2004-10-18 08:18

reporter   ~0008035

-> WHO +m B
<- 315 Desolator +m :End of /WHO list.

-> WHO +m B #Exotica
<- 315 Desolator +m :End of /WHO list.

/who #Exoctica +m B - just returns a normal /who #Exotica

the channel is full of bots as well,

DefuckinMented is MeNtAL@115C9317.2FACC459.559BA39.IP * chingAlingLING
DefuckinMented is a registered nick
DefuckinMented on @#Scottish %#phoe @#Bitch-X @#CitY_ChaT @#novkortera ^#forsaken @#exotica
DefuckinMented using IrCQnet
DefuckinMented is a Bot on IrCQnet
DefuckinMented has been idle 40hrs 43mins 6secs, signed on Sat Oct 16 20:08:24
DefuckinMented End of /WHOIS list.

Dickdiggler is wh0rebag@9208D73E.2FACC459.559BA39.IP * Its gettin hot in here
Dickdiggler is a registered nick
Dickdiggler on @#Scottish @#Bitch-X %#phoe @#CitY_ChaT @#novkortera @#forsaken @#exotica
Dickdiggler using IrCQnet
Dickdiggler is a Bot on IrCQnet
Dickdiggler End of /WHOIS list.
Bella is pip@F4DF5297.ECFAB7AE.559BA39.IP * Blacklight
Bella is a registered nick
Bella on @#colombia @#exotica %#phoe @#novkortera
Bella using IrCQnet
Bella is a Bot on IrCQnet
Bella End of /WHOIS list.

how come i cant make it work for a channel - im presumming /who +m B requires ircop but....


2004-10-18 11:32

reporter   ~0008036

/who +cm #Exoctica B


2004-10-18 11:54

reporter   ~0008037

-> WHO +cm #Exotica B
<- 315 Desolator +cm :End of /WHO list.


2004-10-19 17:16

reporter   ~0008043

I'm not quite sure I understand the problem...


2004-10-21 11:16

reporter   ~0008056

the orginal problem was a way to dectect is anyone have umode +B set, but Syzop showed me the /who covered that, the problem NOW is, im not an ircop i am +q in 10 channels whihc contain eggy drop bots with umode +B and i cannot make /who return *only bots* to me, using the following commands have failed..

WHO +m B
WHO +m B #Exotica
WHO #Exoctica +m B

i tryed Aquanights suggestion which was
WHO +cm #Exotica B
 this also failed, how do i make it work?????


2004-10-22 00:30

reporter   ~0008060

I can't seem to reproduce the problem...


2004-10-22 15:22

reporter   ~0008061

[quote]im not an ircop[/quote]
Well that's why. As aquanight already said, you *must* be an IRCOp. +q is irrelevant, that doesn't make you an IRCOp. The /who +m B flag will not work unless you are an oper. So I don't see a bug here...


2004-10-22 15:40

reporter   ~0008063

Shouldnt it work for Ops thou if it involes +c ?


2004-10-22 15:42

reporter   ~0008064

Flag m <usermodes>: user has <usermodes> set, **********ONLY o/C/A/a/N FOR NONOPERS**********

ChanOP != Oper :P


2004-10-22 15:44

reporter   ~0008065

/who +c for channel!


2004-10-22 15:57

reporter   ~0008066

So you're saying a user who is normally not allowed to see usermodes should be able to get them through an alternative method?


2004-10-22 16:01

administrator   ~0008067

Only reason I left this bug open is so there could be some discussion about letting users do +m B, since basically they already can see who is a bot and who isn't (via whois). [note that stuff like +/-m does not suddenly allow the user to view MORE users than with normal '/who', rather.. it restricts the output]


2004-10-22 16:21

reporter   ~0008068

my reply to aquanight is, no not allow them as such but since ops are required to run a channel, i feel they should have the ablity to use the /who to see who has *which* conditions in the channel there in, for example whos bots, whos away, whose here, whos idle for or more than X time?((?) if its possible)


2004-10-22 16:39

reporter   ~0008069

syzop: By that logic there'd be a few other modes to enable as well. +z and +h to name two. Since users can probably tell who's using a hidden host by whois, maybe let them do x too, though this could be a bad idea since it could give nasty people a way to find non-invisible, ip-wide-open users to "play with", but who doesn't set::modes-on-connect "+ix" and set::restrict-user-modes "ix" ? :P (Actually, I don't, but still...)


2004-10-22 17:04

reporter   ~0008070

Maybe this should be something returned by /who as a flag, instead of a command flag.

A new flag such as "B" would do, and clients can be scripted to only return the users with this flag.


2004-10-29 15:13

reporter   ~0008174

I kind of like both ideas. Allow +B searching, and also show a B in the flags.


2004-10-29 17:33

reporter   ~0008178

Both ideas would be great if implimented.


2004-10-29 17:35

administrator   ~0008179

Last edited: 2004-10-29 17:36

codemastr: how are you gonna deal with breaking numerics then?
(I'm sure you have some idea about it ;p)

edited on: 2004-10-29 17:36


2004-10-29 22:13

reporter   ~0008181

I don't see how this would break any numerics?


2004-11-07 10:38

administrator   ~0008262

hm? Odd.. I thought I had posted a comment here.
Anyway, ignore that breaking-numerics-statement.. I misunderstood the proposed idea.


2004-11-13 12:25

reporter   ~0008302

Added in .181

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