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0002103unrealircdpublic2015-07-09 20:04
Reporterw00t Assigned Tosyzop  
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Product Version3.2.1 
Fixed in Version3.4-beta1 
Summary0002103: Remote MOTD issues...
DescriptionOk, we have a three server network. All three with MOTDs. /motd brings up the local MOTD fine, however, when requesting a remote MOTD (ie /motd from gives a "[23:41:07] MOTD file is missing" error. This was working until a recent bout of netsplits. /rehash has been tried to death.
Steps To ReproduceIf you want to take a look, connect over on netronet.
3 servers:

Thanks guys.
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has duplicate 0003149 closed Remote motd broken? 



2004-10-01 15:55

administrator   ~0007839

Note that remote motds use the ircd.motd file (so not the one from the tld { } blocks).


2004-10-02 05:45

reporter   ~0007848

Would it be possilbe to make remote motds use the right tld {} stuffs? Or is that some local thing that gets set etc?


2004-10-02 14:21

administrator   ~0007851

Possible? Yes
Would it be better? I don't know
I can imagine servers not wanting to show their MOTD (eg from a password protected hub) to remote/normal users, so if tld { } stuff would be done some extra option should be added.


2004-10-02 15:52

reporter   ~0007853

Well first off, you can make tld blocks apply to remote users by doing #define TLINE_Remote.

Anyway though, since this has been reported before, I'm assuming it is indeed a bug. Unfortunately, I can't yet find anyway to reproduce it. Some more info would be helpful. Does boo have any tld {} blocks? If so, can you paste them? Does ircd.motd exist on boo? And any other info you can think of would be helpful as well.


2004-10-02 16:37

administrator   ~0007854

Hm? I think this is just a typical issue of a missing ircd.motd file, and a tld *@* block using a file with another name (hence, locally no problem).
Ah well, we'll see indeed :p.


2004-10-03 00:18

reporter   ~0007856

I can't seem to reproduce this either short of trying renaming ircd.motd on the remote server.

I think what's needed is a bit more info :) . Namely:
From the IRCd: /stats tld
From the shell: ls ircd.*, and ls *.*motd


2004-10-03 11:52

reporter   ~0007862

Last edited: 2004-10-03 12:00

No, all three servers have an "ircd.motd" - as far as I know. I'll make sure of this soon.

As for tld blocks, well, I don't think so either - I'll make sure, but unless someone's monkeyd around witht the configs since last I connected, it worked fine.

By the way, doesnt say, /motd boo.* send the motd request for boo to fulfil...?

Note also (I thought I mentioned it) that the problem happens 3 ways:,, are all affected.

I'm also doubtful of it being a config issue since nobody has modified any config files in the past month, at least...

edited on: 2004-10-03 12:00


2004-10-03 11:59

reporter   ~0007863

Ok, I stand corrected. zap and boo both have tld blocks, and I presume non-standard motd files. The respective server admins will get back to me on this, hopefully in a day or so.

Collective however, has the standard ircd.motd setup, and it's motd still can't be viewed remotely.


2005-04-22 00:06

reporter   ~0009794

an update on this bug. seems that even now (20050421, Unreal 3.2.3), remote MOTD checks don't work with tld{} blocks. even if I set options::remote.

I switched to doing this recently so that I could avoid having symlinks from the ircd.motd file (and friends) to where I actually put my MOTD files, which I keep synched through the use of rsync/ssh.

I only today was notified that remote MOTD checking wasn't working.


2007-04-15 08:08

reporter   ~0013383

Bump. Is this still a valid bug?


2007-04-15 11:24

reporter   ~0013387

insofar as this occurs:
09:23:42 -!- [] MOTD File is missing
and the MOTDs do work when you're on the local server, but not remote.


2015-07-09 20:04

administrator   ~0018467

Fixed in 3.4-alpha5. The default is now to threat remote MOTD/RULES the same as local. Silly define is gone now.

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