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0002145unrealinstallingpublic2004-11-06 12:42
ReporterStealth Assigned Tocodemastr 
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Fixed in Version3.2.3 
Summary0002145: More ./Config options
DescriptionI would like to see more options in ./Config, then I dont need to remember to edit any files to set/unset options.

The ones I am mainly interested in, and others might find useful are (from config.h):

NAZIISH_CHBAN_HANDLING (hmmm... says its undef, but still does the ban thing...)
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2004-10-28 23:37

reporter   ~0008162

Last edited: 2004-10-28 23:39

I like it, However, I would like to add another config option. Dont know what it was exactly, but it made it so only netadmins could see +s in /list

ty Stealth

edited on: 2004-10-28 23:39


2004-10-28 23:51

reporter   ~0008163

Well the thing is, we want to try and keep the ./Config setting as basic as possible. For example, the NAZIISH_CHBAN_HANDLING would likely confuse people. Hence why it is hidden from most people.


2004-10-28 23:54

reporter   ~0008164

I am curretnly wondering why NAZIISH_CHBAN_HANDLING still seems to be enabled even though it says its undef... Unless I have a broken understanding of undef...


2004-10-29 08:50

administrator   ~0008166

/me agrees with codemastr
There are >10 other options you could move to ./Config then, I too think it should just keep with the basics (so like we have now) and keep include/config.h for the less-frequently-used options / finetuning.


2004-10-29 14:20

reporter   ~0008171

Maybe we could "kinda" add it? Like ./Config -advanced or something?


2004-10-29 14:30

administrator   ~0008172

Hm, good idea.

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