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0002191unrealinstallingpublic2004-12-11 21:15
Reporterfez Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformx86OSwin32OS VersionXP
Product Version3.2.2 
Fixed in Version3.2.3 
Summary0002191: win32 version still defaults to 'install as a service'
DescriptionI know you already closed this but I think you did so a bit prematurely.
You said that the installer remembers whether you already installed it as a service. I just wanted to tell you that the win32 installer defaulted to "install as service" despite the fact that this is a brand spankin new laptop which has never ever had unreal installed on it before...
So, no, it's not just remembering my old setting.

 -- fez
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related to 0002189 closed still defaulting to "install as service" 



2004-11-19 14:43

administrator   ~0008369

Hm sorry, seems you are right (vmware: both ssl & non-ssl) */me goes check inno*.
Odd, I thought I double checked this before release... apparently not.


2004-11-19 14:45

reporter   ~0008371

Maybe you did it for 3.2.1b but never committed the change?


2004-11-19 14:55

administrator   ~0008372

Seems that I should have added 'Flags: unchecked' to the sub items as well, then it works.
[Perhaps older innosetup versions didn't care about this? I dunno ;p]


2004-11-19 15:00

administrator   ~0008373

Fixed in CVS [.186].
Also, just for reference I guess, is Unreal3.2.2 with the modified installer, in case you want to check ;p.


2004-11-19 15:05

administrator   ~0008374

On a sidenote, I'm confused by the way how Inno Setup deals with this unchecked stuff... Like now all subitems are marked Flags: unchecked.. now the main item (&subitems) are indeed unchecked initially... But if you enable 'install as a service' the 1st subitem is "checked" (well it's exlcuse, so that might make sense).. but also the 3rd subitem ("restart if crash").. now this is entirely fine with me, but why does it think that.. and what if someone would NOT want that to happen but have subitem#3 (marked as unchecked) be actually unchecked if the parent-item is checked... Oddness ;).
Another slight difference: if 'install as a service' is checked, now the default is 'start unrealircd when windows starts' instead of 'start unrealircd on request'.. Again, I think this is indeed the proper choice, but... lol ;).

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