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0002198unrealircdpublic2005-02-12 19:03
ReporterStealth Assigned Tosyzop  
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Fixed in Version3.2.3 
Summary0002198: ~c extended ban type improvement
DescriptionIt would be a nice thing to be able to specify a prefix for the ~c extended bantype. When a prefix is specified, users must have that status or higher on the channel. This would be a good thing to have for ban exceptions when op or voice is required on the target channel.


mode #channel +be ~q:*!*@* ~c:+#unreal-support
Would requre users to be voice or higher on #unreal-support (or in #channel) to be able to talk in #channel.
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2005-01-17 16:27

reporter   ~0008841

[quote]mode #channel +be ~q:*!*@* ~c:+#unreal-support
Would requre users to be voice or higher on #unreal-support (or in #channel) to be able to talk in #channel.[/quote]

Maybe I'm wrong, but that's not how this would work, is it? Meaning, that +e ~c isn't linked to the +b ~q. ~c prevents you from joining, not from speaking. So if you did ~c:+#unreal-support, it would mean you must be +v on #unreal-support to join, not to talk. If you then came to #channel, then set -v in #unreal-support, it wouldn't care. Or is there some link between ~q and ~c that I'm not aware of?


2005-01-17 17:13

administrator   ~0008843

At the moment (perhaps this should be documented):
~q: affects only messages
~n: affects only nickchanges
~r: affects ALL
~c: affects ALL

Currently unreal32docs is unclear, especially on ~r/~c:
~c channel If the user is in this channel then (s)he is unable to join. Ex: ~c:#lamers
should probably be:
~c channel If the user is in this channel then (s)he is banned. Ex: ~c:#lamers
[and same for ~r]


2005-01-18 12:01

reporter   ~0008857

Ok, makes more sense then.


2005-02-12 19:03

administrator   ~0009109

Added in .263 :).

I think the desynch it causes is acceptable.. +b/+e's with this prefix will simply be ignored on unsupported servers (and are correctly 'skipped', so +b-b ~c:+#chan some!existing@ban will show up as -b some!existing@ban).
And of course if this still bothers anyone he/she can temp. disable the c extban in the conf ;).

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