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0002199unrealircdpublic2015-07-19 18:50
Reportereggburt Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.2 
Fixed in Version3.4-beta1 
Summary0002199: tkl update doesn't actually update
DescriptionWhen a k/gline is set (haven't test any others) and then re-set with a time lower than the time it already is it doesn't actually update the removal time
(note: it was a real ip, has been censored)

command: /gline QuikSilvr come back with brains
*** Permanent G:Line added for *@xx.xx.xx.xx on Sat Nov 27 20:14:45 2004 GMT (from eggburt!mr-bob@eggburt.MikerNet: back with brains)

forgot the time, making it perm, so had to change
command: /gline *@xx.xx.xx.xx 300 come back with brains (5mins)
tkl update for *@xx.xx.xx.xx/reason='come back with brains (5mins)'/by=eggburt!mr-bob@eggburt.MikerNet/set=1101586485/expire=0 [causedby:]

a while later (I forgot about it)
command: /gline
G *@xx.xx.xx.xx 0 2130 eggburt!mr-bob@eggburt.MikerNet come back with brains (5mins)
Steps To Reproducek/gline an address
k/gline it again (without removing) with a lower time than the origional
Additional InformationApologies if this has already been reported (couldn't find it if it was)
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3rd party modules



2004-11-27 16:23

reporter   ~0008421

oh yeah, happened on all OSs I tested, so I didn't put that in

in the example the version was 3.2.1, but I tested on a 3.2.2 server and it happened the same


2004-11-27 17:16

administrator   ~0008422

hm tkl update is misleading in this context, the 'tkl update' stuff is ment for server<->server synching.. not modifying-an-existing-TKL-by-a-user.


2004-11-30 19:00

administrator   ~0008445

acknowledged as a possible feature to be added.


2015-07-19 18:49

administrator   ~0018528

I just tried this and it does update now, both updating expiry time and the reason worked. Don't know when this was fixed exactly.

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