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0002216unrealdocumentationpublic2015-08-08 17:50
ReporterStealth Assigned Tosyzop  
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Fixed in Version3.4-alpha4 
Summary0002216: More documentation for channel mode +u
DescriptionI think there needs to be more documentation for channel mode +u and the way it reacts with other modes (particulary +m).

After years of using Unreal, I still do not fully understand this mode. I think more documentation would help people understand the mode, and its purpose.
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related to 0004160 closedtmcarthur Channel mode +u/+mu 



2004-12-03 18:17

administrator   ~0008477

Yeah, I agree.


2004-12-04 05:13

reporter   ~0008480

Maybe it should be added to the example.conf as set::restrict-channelmodes?


2004-12-04 12:27

reporter   ~0008482

Last edited: 2004-12-04 12:27


Adding this mode to the example conf will just cause problems. I think it is better off just being better documented.


2004-12-04 17:18

reporter   ~0008492

erm, i thought it worked 2ways only?!

1)+u without +m/+M, hides users but shows them and the nickname to all users in the room as they talk,

2)+u with +m/+M,hides the list (unless op or higher) and Only shows the OPS / ircops the text they say in the form of "<IRC> nickname: text"

is there more than these 2?!


2004-12-04 17:29

administrator   ~0008493

Well, stuff like the +b IRC!*@* thing (in case of +mu) are also undocumented.


2015-08-08 17:50

administrator   ~0018640

+u is gone, and so is this bug :)

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