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0002313unrealinstallingpublic2007-04-19 04:36
ReporterTommyTheKid Assigned Tostskeeps 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformMacOSOSXOS Version10.3.7
Product Version3.2.2 
Summary0002313: make install misses spamfilter.conf and server.*.pem
Descriptionafter installing ircd (using make install) it wont run because its missing a couple files.. should be pretty easy to fix.. am I the only one who doesnt run out of the source directory? :)
Steps To Reproduce./Config (enable SSL in the config .. and specify somewhere else to install ~/etc ~/bin for example..)


make install

then configure...

./unreal start

(yeck no spamfilter.conf .. nor server.cert.pem or server.key.pem which can all be copied out of the src/Unreal3.2 directory
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has duplicate 0002423 closed make install does not install SSL certificate files 



2005-02-01 23:09

reporter   ~0008979

I have seen this myself when Unreal gets installed to ~/Unreal.

I will be attacthing a list of the files it copied as soon as I can pry it out of my VM. :\

2005-02-01 23:23


file_list.txt (2,666 bytes)


2005-02-03 20:52

administrator   ~0009020

Last edited: 2005-02-03 20:52

spamfilter.conf should be included indeed. And when we are at it, dccallow.conf too.

However, should server.*.pem be copied as well? If you are upgrading from a previous version, in a clean directory, then it would prompt for SSL certs.. I usually just hold down enter all the time then, but then when doing make install your good cert will be overwritten by this useless one..
So hm, it probably should not copy that one if it already exists? :P.
[One could say this is true for all the other *.conf files, but you just shouldn't be touching them since they get updated by us from time to time {ok, last update to badwords.message.conf is 21 months ago but you get the idea.. spamfilter.conf and dccallow.conf are updated :p}]


2005-02-26 18:07

administrator   ~0009321

[in my queue:]
- spamfilter.conf and dccallow.conf are now also copied upon make install, reported by TommyTheKid (0002313).

I'll leave the bug open for the rest, but the copy-only-if-not-present will not be done in 3.2.3.

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