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0002337unrealircdpublic2018-05-01 16:52
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Platformwin32OSXP ProfessionalOS Version5.1 - 2600
Summary0002337: Add HOOKTYPE_PRE_NICK
DescriptionSince NICK command is modulized, I would suggest a tool por 3rd-coders.
As m_message does, it hooks all modules and if one returns NULL, message isn't delivered. My idea is the same but for m_nick.
The schema would be:
- Check for collisions, nicks in use, etc.
- Hook all modules like
for (tmphook = Hooks[HOOKTYPE_NICK]; tmphook; tmphook = tmphook->next) {
    val = (*(tmphook->func.intfunc))(cptr, sptr, parv, parc);
        if (!val)
            return 0;
- Set the new nick and continues.

So, as you can see, if one module return 0, the new nick does not set.
Any opinions?
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3rd party modules


has duplicate 0002682 resolvedsyzop HOOKTYPE_LOCAL_NICKCHANGE (etc) and HOOK_DENY 



2005-02-12 16:29

administrator   ~0009107

Last edited: 2005-02-12 18:35

There's a fundemental problem with this aproach which is that a module then doesn't know if the message/kick/nick/whatever actually got canceled or not (I admit, I didn't think of that when creating the msg hook ;p), therefore we use PRE_* hooks now for that (so 1 HOOKTYPE_PRE_* which can stop the request, and another one after it succeeded).
Incidently, codemastr talked recently with me about a PRE one for NICK so I guess it's on TODO ;).


2007-04-27 06:07

reporter   ~0013854

Bump. Still an issue?


2007-05-07 12:39

administrator   ~0014019

not too urgent feature though, but probably easy for someone to make a patch for ;p


2018-05-01 16:52

administrator   ~0020117

I've never required this myself with all my modules, so I guess it's not really needed. Not worth putting time into this anyway.

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