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0002354unrealdocumentationpublic2005-02-20 11:35
ReporterRon2K Assigned Tosyzop  
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Product Version3.2.3 
Fixed in Version3.2.3 
Summary0002354: Documentation Tweakage
DescriptionAfter downloading a CVS build (ReleaseID to test out channel modes +I and +j, I soon realised that documentation regarding them was incomplete. To help you out, I've made the necessary changes (along with some other changes) myself. I've bundled them in the attached zip file.

The changes I've made are as follows:

- Mentioned chmode +j in section 3.12 (Anti-Flood features)
- Added chmode +I to section 6 (User & Channel Modes)
- Changed the syntax of chmode +f in section 6 to reflect the current syntax; it was showing the 3.1.x syntax. (Though I have a funny feeling that it might be changed back.)
- Sorted the user modes table in section 6 in alphabetical order (about time it was done)
- Added the USERIP command to section 7 (User & Oper Commands Table). Sometime, I might sort this in alphabetical order too, if you want it done.

- The fact that +j can only be set by channel ops and above was ommited from help::chmodes. This has been fixed.

- The given default value for the CHANMODES token was not updated with the new channel modes. This has also been fixed.
- Side note: noticed that nothing in doc/technical is included in the Win32 installers. Should they be there, or have they been deliberately left out?

OK, think that's everything.
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2005-02-19 12:44 (66,477 bytes)


2005-02-19 14:38

administrator   ~0009184

Last edited: 2005-02-19 14:45

I'm afraid the unreal32docs.html from your .zip are of no use for us. Reasons:
- You didn't edit raw html (or used a decent editor that does not touch/insert unneeded stuff), you used frontpage. [this causes the whole doc source to be screwed/changed]
- You did not use the latest CVS version of the doc (or alternatively a diff -u patch, but that would not have been suitable in this case anyway).

*EDIT* oh ok, it could well be you used latest CVS, but in either way.. frontpage screwed everything up so diff'ing is kinda impossible :( */EDIT*

I will apply your help.conf / 005.txt updates however.


2005-02-19 15:11

administrator   ~0009185

help.conf/005.txt fixes committed [.269].


2005-02-20 03:35

reporter   ~0009190

Thanks for that, will fix unreal32docs.html sometime.

2005-02-20 07:35 (98,465 bytes)


2005-02-20 07:37

reporter   ~0009191

OK, done the unreal32docs.html changes properly this time (with vi on a friend's *NIX box :P)

I also included a diff file, just in case the docs got changed overnight.


2005-02-20 11:35

administrator   ~0009193

Excelent :).
Committed [.272].

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