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0002388unrealircdpublic2005-11-10 18:43
Reportervonitsanet Assigned Tostskeeps 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.2 
Fixed in Version3.2.4 
Summary0002388: You can change your nick TO a banned one in a channel.
Description1) * fuck has join #channel
2) * OPERATOR sets mode: +b *fuck*!*@*
3) * fuck was kicked by OPERATOR (Change your nick)
4) * Lamer1 has join #channel
5) * Lamer1 is known as fuck (the ban exist)

The summary of this is:
You CAN change your nick to a banned one in a channel.

It will be nice if this can be blocked with some way so we can always have stick bans to prevent changes to these type of nicknames.
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2005-03-04 18:03

administrator   ~0009420

I think we had this before, and I closed it.. because I didn't see any reason to block it.. because if someone wants to be banned.. why should we stop him? ;)

Anyway, now I can understand that perhaps you do not want certain nicks as a kind of 'policy', like 'fuck' etc... then it seems to make more sense.

[not for 3.2.3]


2005-03-04 18:09

reporter   ~0009421

[quote] Anyway, now I can understand that perhaps you do not want certain nicks as a kind of 'policy', like 'fuck' etc... then it seems to make more sense. [/quote]

syzop exactly this:)

[quote] not for 3.2.3 [/quote]

I can wait for 3.2.4 :P


2005-03-16 03:10

reporter   ~0009609

3.2.3 is finally released :)

syzop is possible to take a look for this for version 3.2.4 sometime..:)


2005-03-16 17:23

administrator   ~0009612

I don't know how much work it is from the top of my head, but I've added it to the TODO.


2005-06-08 08:26

reporter   ~0010070

My apologise if I become insistent but can we take a look on this for 3.2.4?


2005-11-07 20:31

reporter   ~0010660

I should have a patch for this some time tomorrow :)


2005-11-08 09:56

reporter   ~0010667

i think it will be useful for many users here.


2005-11-08 09:58

administrator   ~0010668

For what it's worth, this feature was added to the 3.2.4 todo list on March 2005. It has always been my intention to add it in 3.2.4.

Actually I said so already ;).


2005-11-08 10:16

reporter   ~0010670

I've got Nazzy working on this one, assigning it to me


2005-11-08 10:28

reporter   ~0010672

Is possible for us to see the TODO list for the next release (not just 3.2.4 i mean every release) just to know what are we waiting for and also not post for features/fixes that are planned already to be added?


2005-11-08 11:06

administrator   ~0010673

No, sorry I would like to keep that private: will save me a lot of annoyances and useless discussions. And just as important: roughly half of the 3.2.<something> TODO list does not get done (read: false expectations), and (more than) half other things that were unlisted are done (read: TODO not as useful as you might think).

That said, for this issue, I already said it was on TODO in March (oh ok, perhaps it wasn't clear I meant for 3.2.4).


2005-11-10 17:05

reporter   ~0010687

Sorry for delay, being ill is terrible for productivity :(

2005-11-10 17:06


include_h_h.patch (705 bytes)

2005-11-10 17:06


src_channel_c.patch (4,750 bytes)

2005-11-10 17:06



2005-11-10 17:14

reporter   ~0010688

As a point .... a couple of people have suggested that it would be nice to make this a definable behaviour. I said I'd pass it on with the patches :)

2005-11-10 18:40


committed_diff_395 (9,685 bytes)


2005-11-10 18:43

administrator   ~0010689

Thanks, committed [.395].

As you can see I changed your patch a bit, first of all.. I made it configurable indeed ;p.
Besides that, I did not do the is_banned_with_nick the way you did, because that creates too much duplicate code (== bad with maintaining), but instead made is_banned() a simple wrapper for is_banned_with_nick().

I've attached the committed_diff_395 as well.

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