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0002420unrealdocumentationpublic2007-04-16 12:41
ReporterKnuX Assigned Tostskeeps 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.2 
Fixed in Version3.3-alpha0 
Summary0002420: Documentation doesn't tell us that we can do /kill nick1,nick2,...
Description***** Kill *****
Forcefully Disconnects a user from an IRC Server.
IRC Operator only command.
Syntax: KILL <user> <reason>
Example: KILL Jack16 Cloning is not allowed

But /kill <nick1>[,nick2,nick3,...] is possible ^^
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2005-03-12 10:52

reporter   ~0009567

just add /massserverkill command then :)


2005-03-27 06:40

reporter   ~0009666

The reason is that... you can do /kill <user>,<user2>,<user3>
but on the helpop system and docs this is not "visible" anyware.


2005-03-30 23:45

reporter   ~0009684

@White_Magic: /massserverkill is already available, just add an alias to /die :)

But yeah, it does seem as though the docs are a bit off.


2006-06-05 00:48

reporter   ~0011852

I second this. I'd write up a patch but it's so trivial that the effort of writing vs the effort of reading/auditing/merging seems about equal.

Might be of note as well that Unreal does not support KICK multiple targets/channels, despite being specified in RFC 2812.
Mind you, the m_kick code appears to support it, but empirical testing says it does not work.

2007-04-15 23:26


help.conf.patch2 (675 bytes)


2007-04-15 23:26

reporter   ~0013429

This is a simple fix. Can we get this done and resolved? ;)


2007-04-16 11:23

reporter   ~0013458

Patched in .2356, not sure who patch owner is

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