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0002428unrealdocumentationpublic2005-03-17 21:54
Reporterjeffy Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionopen 
PlatformlinuxOSRedHatOS Version9
Product Version3.2.3 
Summary0002428: BNC IRC from my box TO Unreal 3.2.3
DescriptionBOX Redhat9
with openssl(last) , oidentdv1.8.7

with unrealircd IN or OUT box

Cant Resolve vhost; *** Couldn't resolve your hostname; using your IP address instead

and on my other box work fine
Steps To ReproduceBOX CA (BNC) to Unrealircd3.2.3 same box
cant resolve vhost

BOX USA (BNC) to Unrealircd3.2.3(box CA/USA) work (rh6.2 etc)

and with ld version 3.2.2 all work
and on 3.2.3 dont work:(
Additional Informationneed your help
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related to 0002431 resolvedsyzop resolver problem: not resolving CNAME'd PTR's correctly 



2005-03-15 04:07

reporter   ~0009603

Try to read /etc/resolv.conf
and you should have a list of ips under nameserver
now with those, try
host YOURVHOSTIP nameserverip
if it dies you have a bad nameserver in your resolv.conf and your better of changing your dns ip in the unreal conf to a nameserver ip that works


2005-03-15 04:25

reporter   ~0009604

3.2.2b never seen this prob

BNCIRC USA box with unrealircd3.2.3 LAN = Fine
BNCIRC USA box with unrealircd3.2.3 to box CA = Fine
BNCIRC CA box with unrealircd3.2.3 LAN = cant resolve
BNCIRC CA box with unrealircd3.2.3 box USA = cant resolve

/bvhost IP(error are cant resolve hostname)
/bvhost hostname(error are cant resolve hostname)
both same lolllll

*** Received identd response
*** Couldn't resolve your hostname; using your IP address instead

i have worked on 4hours during

please help me ;p


2005-03-15 16:33

reporter   ~0009606

This really ought to be in the forums under Unreal Support not on the bug tracker methinks. Check over the .conf as is the default name given in example.conf which you ought to have changed to the name of your server .


2005-03-15 16:41

reporter   ~0009607

i see is fake but i have try
from my box to one unrealircd on my windows and same prob

so my prob is my box CA with all unrealircd3.2.3 lan or other


2005-03-17 21:54

administrator   ~0009616

moved to 0002431 -- I didn't understand any of this one, but I think it's the same.

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