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0002431unrealircdpublic2005-07-05 22:30
Reportersyzop Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.3 
Fixed in Version3.2.4 
Summary0002431: resolver problem: not resolving CNAME'd PTR's correctly
DescriptionSomething like:
$ host is a nickname for domain name pointer

so: -CNAME-> -PTR->

won't work correctly... due to the cname alias bugfix in 3.2.3.

I need to fix that :P.
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3rd party modules


has duplicate 0002539 closed unreal doesn't seem to resolve cnames 
has duplicate 0002719 closed Reverse DNS Lookup Error 
related to 0002428 closed BNC IRC from my box TO Unreal 3.2.3 



2005-03-17 22:10

reporter   ~0009617

thanx man for future fix/patch for this probleme


2005-03-28 17:04

reporter   ~0009675

Will a patch be available? or will we have to wait for the next release.
I spent quite some time troubleshooting my DNS servers. lol.



2005-03-28 17:06

administrator   ~0009676

It might take some time, not months but.. up to 2 weeks...
Our resolver is fun :P

CNAME's in reverse dns are quite an uncommon "feature", to me at least ('not well known' might be a better term).


2005-03-28 17:23

reporter   ~0009677

CNAME rdns is the proper way to delegate rdns for anything smaller than a /24. Lots of providers will do this, but you are right, most have no problem breaking the rfc on this.
This is a problem for quite a few people i know, i think the reason your not hearing about it much. Is just that people belive the problem is on their end, like i originally did.
I realize these things take time, so i'll wait as long as i have to.


2005-04-22 22:03

reporter   ~0009798

Any Progress on this?


2005-07-03 19:28

administrator   ~0010170

Temporary fix:
this downgrades the resolver back to (almost) Unreal3.2.2, therefore reintroducing an aliasing bug (that has been there for several years).

cd Unreal3.2
cat downgrade.resolver.patch|patch -p0
### the above should say 'patching file src/res.c', and no errors ###
And after the recompile (done by 'make'), restart the ircd (/rehash is not sufficient).

Naturally this is a workaround/temporary fix only.


2005-07-05 01:58

reporter   ~0010178

Came across this bug report when searching for this problem today.

Will there be any more of a permanent fix coming in 3.2.4 that might be better than the patch you posted?




2005-07-05 15:44

administrator   ~0010183

Last edited: 2005-07-05 15:44

If anyone could try latest CVS [.358 or later] and see if you get any problems (or not), I would appreciate it.

- Attempt to fix bug 0002431: 3.2.3 broke CNAME delegation for reverse dns. I'm sorry it took
  so long, but this stuff just plain sucks...


2005-07-05 21:25

reporter   ~0010191

Hi syzop.

I just tried the devel CVS on a test machine....seems to work! :)

Great news



2005-07-05 21:27

reporter   ~0010192

how and where can dwl CVS build?


2005-07-05 21:31

reporter   ~0010193


Get the "latest devel"


2005-07-05 21:37

reporter   ~0010194

thanx man now its possible to update my current folder unreal? for all work without error?


2005-07-05 21:42

reporter   ~0010195

Well I'm not sure how stable the devel CVS version is, as I've never used it in an actual production environment (one of the devs would need to comment on that)....

But, if you want to, checkout the CVS, then I guess you could rename your existing Unreal3.2 folder to Unreal3.2.bak, then mv Unreal Unreal3.2, recompile, copy config files back, and restart IRCd.

I'll wait til it makes it's appearance in an official release (I hope 3.2.4) :)



2005-07-05 21:43

reporter   ~0010196

lollll yes i wait for sure :P



2005-07-05 21:49

reporter   ~0010197

just simple question to professional :P

i find a module or whathever for allow all users/client connected to unreal

to can change hostname with /sethost

no only siteop (all ppl allow)

any member have edited compile or module?


2005-07-05 22:30

administrator   ~0010198

now marked as fixed in CVS [.358], thanks for testing :).

jeffy: I suggest you to use -- this bugs.* thing is only for reporting bugs or feature suggestions, not for help :p.

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