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0002471unrealircdpublic2006-04-16 18:39
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Product Version3.2.3 
Summary0002471: Who sets bans and topics on server link
DescriptionIf you restart a leaf and relink it to a hub, the hub sets the channel bans and what not, #help *!*@ set by hub.blah.tld (Thu Apr 07 14:32:28)
But the channel topic is still set by whoever set it. Just curious why the bans cant have the respective username passed when reseting the bans, if the topic can
Steps To ReproduceSet a topic and a ban, restart the leaf and relink then /mode #yourchannel +b and /topic #yourchannel
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2005-04-12 11:48

reporter   ~0009736

It's not that it "can't" it's just that we don't. Think about it, a channel has 1 topic. So at most, we're sending 32 characters to specify the nickname. Channels can have roughly 50 bans. Now take that 32 characters and multiply it by 50, it's now 1600 characters per channel. That's quite a bit of added bandwidth for a connection synch.


2006-04-16 18:39

administrator   ~0011564

as codemastr said, would consume A LOT bandwidth for little use

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