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0002496unrealircdpublic2005-12-09 15:24
ReporterHomer Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version3.2.4 
Summary0002496: Spamfilter 'p' should match messages send via aliases (/ns, /cs, etc)
DescriptionSome users use aliases for sending unauthorized messages to the services and set these messages to entrymsg or greet messages.


- I add this spamfilter : /spamfilter add p block - - Test123
- /msg testnick Test123 = Message to testnick blocked: default reason
- /ns set greet Test123 = allowed, but should not :)
Additional InformationI put this bug private, I don't think this is a good idea that many users know how to abuse of the spamfilter command.
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3rd party modules



2005-05-09 01:34

reporter   ~0009906

Anyone? Good or bad idea? :)


2005-05-13 01:31

reporter   ~0009941

Well, there are other things to consider here. For example, what if my nickserv password has some of those words in it? You'll also notice that +G has no effect when sending to services for this very reason...


2005-05-13 11:21

reporter   ~0009942

Hum.. good point. I didn't think to that..


2005-06-04 20:06

reporter   ~0010029

Well, what I've been having is users that come to my network and then say do a SPAM for animelab, or rizon... or the 'network of the week' that their friend started.

We find out and set a spamfilter for it, usually block or kill. if a user repeatedly triggers the filter they get a temp gline.

This bug however means that users can just use /ms send dumbass Hey, join my crappy network! /server -m -j #fuckwads

I know that this means that there are actual humans doing this, and not bots... and we do tend to not block certain networks. We only set a spamfilter if we have caught people SPAMming it vs just talking about the network.

If you think that it should not be part of hte 'p' target, perhaps add a 'l' for 'alias' target. Honestly, I thought that /ns was just an alias for PRIVMSG NickServ so should be filtered anyway. It shouldn't be that much of a special case.

and if we have users setting passwords or something that trigger on spamfilters, i don't see that as being an issue either. If the user can't trust the opers to see their password, they're scrod anyway. it's just a getpass away.


2005-06-04 22:10

reporter   ~0010031

I kind of like this idea, but it should be done with a new type, if done at all. The reason for that is because you probably don't want ALL your spamgilters going through, but only some. Some services need to allow users to set their email address, and also services have places to set things like a website and such...


2005-06-05 12:37

reporter   ~0010034

I'll admit, I never thought of MemoServ. That's a good point. Perhaps the best way to deal with this is to have some kind of option that lets you set whether it is filtered or not.


2005-06-05 17:07

reporter   ~0010042

That... or... get... a... MemoServ... that... filters... too...

*Adds a ms_spamfilter anope module to his list of things to do.*


2005-06-05 17:41

reporter   ~0010043

And to think that I was working on a system to eliminate external programs to do filtering (namely I wrote a SecureServ definition to SpamFilter converter).

I guess I could stick a regexp check into my MemoServ. iterate over a list of regexp checks.

Anyway, I feel like this is the wrong solution.


2005-12-08 19:42

administrator   ~0010833

Last edited: 2005-12-08 19:43

Technically implemented (on my machine), the way codemastr said.. as an per-alias option.
I'll probably enable filtering by default for /MS and /MEMOSERV in aliases/*.conf, since that seems a good suggestion (thanks tabrisnet).

Only thing left is to update docs, make sure it works fully for all alias types, and then commit.. Will probably do so Friday or Saturday.



2005-12-09 15:24

administrator   ~0010836

Added in .402.

Changelog follows.

- Added option to apply spamfilters to aliases as well (such as /MS, etc). To do so,
  you have to put 'spamfilter yes;' in every alias block you want to get filtered.
  This is so you can have for example /MS filtered (due to heavy spam), while keeping
  /NS and /CS unfiltered. Reported by Homer (0002496).
- The memoserv aliases (/MS and /MEMOSERV) now have spamfiltering enabled by default.

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