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0002511unrealircdpublic2006-01-16 17:05
ReporterKnuX Assigned Tosyzop  
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Product Version3.2.3 
Fixed in Version3.2.4 
Summary0002511: Modify the channel bans limit without editing sources
DescriptionSometimes, it may be needed to increase the number of bans we can put on a channel (example: 100 instead of 60, the current value).

On the forum, a moderator reply me that I have to edit source files without any indication. In addition, I know about the support of edited files...

Is it possible to specify this value during the ./Config script or in another way without having to modify a file and to lose your support ?

I sincerly need to increase the MAXLIMIT value, and I'm not sure to be alone in this situation ;)

Thanks you in advance :)
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2005-05-02 17:24

administrator   ~0009883

Perhaps in the future some settings will be more dynamic, but for now:

You got permission from me (w00 ;p) to modify the following 2 values in struct.h:
Note that you should not modify any other settings because doing so (for most) is dangerous, causes incompatability, (possible) crashes, etc.
MAXBANS and MAXBANLENGTH are safe to modify however.

Example: put MAXBANS at 100 and MAXBANLENGTH at 2048 or 4096 (yes, IMO the default MAXBANLENGTH is a bit too low).

MAXBANLENGTH is the total stringsize of all bans in the channel added up together btw.

I did suggest this for ./Config -advanced, but apparantly it got forgotten or something.


2005-05-02 23:15

reporter   ~0009885

I think it should be in ./Config -adavnced.


2005-05-03 02:18

reporter   ~0009886

I wonder if MAXBANLENGTH should just be calculated from MAXBANS*(NICKLEN+USERLEN+HOSTLEN+2)? In theory that should be about enough for any ban list :P .


2005-05-03 10:11

administrator   ~0009887

Bugz: that's exactly what I said
aquanight: no, then you can just as easily remove it, you are missing the purpose.


2005-05-12 20:27

reporter   ~0009939

The purpose (if i remember rightly) is to stop bans using too much memory?


2006-01-16 17:05

administrator   ~0010971

Added in .419

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