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0002581unrealircdpublic2006-05-19 06:51
ReporterKnAseN Assigned Tosyzop  
PrioritynormalSeveritytextReproducibilityhave not tried
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
OSWindowsOS VersionXP 
Product Version3.2.3 
Fixed in Version3.2.5 
Summary0002581: [BUG] operator count bug!
Description[Tue Jun 28 16:02:56 2005] - [BUG] operator count bug! value in /lusers is '-1', we counted '1', user='sandra_kvinnan', userserver='', tag=umode1. please report to UnrealIRCd team at
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3rd party modules


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child of 0002748 closedsyzop 3.2.5 Release 



2005-07-03 16:53

administrator   ~0010161

What services are you using? And with any modules?


2005-07-03 17:04

reporter   ~0010162

i have not been running service during that time but with some modules:


2006-05-18 17:13

administrator   ~0011732

I might have traced one of the causes of this.
If you are oper and +H, and you do "/mode nick -oH" (or -Ho), then this bug appears.


2006-05-19 00:28

reporter   ~0011733

no. This happens when the server is nearly empty and there are no opers on int at all.


2006-05-19 06:21

administrator   ~0011734

Last edited: 2006-05-19 06:24

Actually, the message is delayed until the opercount reaches -1, only THEN it goes check things :P.
This is why it can happen days after the actual bug happened.

EDIT: services servers can still trigger the bug in other ways, but this bug I talked about can happen regardless of services and is a clear error on our part.


2006-05-19 06:24

reporter   ~0011735

ok, then how would you explain why it happens on a server where are no o-lines in the config file at all?


2006-05-19 06:27

administrator   ~0011736

no olines? how do you oper up then?


2006-05-19 06:35

administrator   ~0011737

The ircd.log snippet, is that from the same server as mentioned in serserver='' or not?


2006-05-19 06:41

reporter   ~0011738

anyway. There was a period (about 6 months) when one of our server (formerly running unrealircd) had no operators. It was configured properly and managed via a shell access, so it had no o-lines during the period when no one (except me) was responsible for it. Then I saw those messages in the logfile.. If my memory is still good, I'd say it was 3.2.2b-3.2.3 times..


2006-05-19 06:46

administrator   ~0011739

oh KnAseN != you :P

Anyway, no problem if you don't have details anymore, I realize the reports are old (after all, other bugs have higher priority than oper counts, plus this bug is hard to trace down).
I'm going to fix this bug (commit in a second), which hopefully fixes all bugs on our part. We'll see if people still have problems after 3.2.5.. ;P


2006-05-19 06:51

administrator   ~0011740

This non-services operator count bug is now fixed in CVS .505:

- Fixed oper count bug which happened on /mode, this was our fault (can't blame services in
  this case ;p). Reported by KnAseN and many others (0002581).
  There might still be other operator count bugs, but these are triggered by a different bug
  and may or may not be caused by services.

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