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0002656unrealinstallingpublic2005-12-09 16:19
ReporterStealth Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
OS*NIXOS Version* 
Product Version3.2.3 
Fixed in Version3.2.4 
Summary0002656: ./Config and SSL
DescriptionI think ./Config should pause when it disabled SSL. Something like:

WARNING: SSL has been desabled: some reason
Press any key to continue
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3rd party modules



2005-10-11 14:41

reporter   ~0010579

Also maybe make it fully disable SSL, so Unreal doesn't compile with the SSL flag and people get the error "module was compiled for Unreal3.2.3/SSL, we are Unreal3.2.3" (or whatever the error is)


2005-10-11 16:22

administrator   ~0010580

I'm simply going to make it 'exit 1'


2005-10-11 16:57

reporter   ~0010581

That works... You might also want to add a FAQ entry on what can cause it to exit like that (that is, if there isn't one already).


2005-10-20 23:08

reporter   ~0010608

Last edited: 2005-10-20 23:10

apachi, what is that file supposed to be? It has nothing to go with this... (Looks like a spamming script of some sort...)


2005-12-09 16:19

administrator   ~0010837

Added in .403.

- Made ./Config better react to errors (no longer print a "everything is a big success"
  kind of message when in fact everything went wrong).
- Made ./Config (configure) exit on openssl or zlib not found errors, instead of
  silently continueing and then causing trouble later on. Also now printing _a bit_
  more helpful error message.

No faq entry, lazy, ha!

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