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0002674unrealmodule apipublic2005-11-09 09:37
ReporterNazzy Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformi386OSLinuxOS Version2.6
Product Version3.2.4 
Fixed in Version3.2.4 
Summary0002674: Probable redundant MyClient call
DescriptionI've not actually generated a patch yet ... I would like confirmation before I change it.

src/modules/m_svsnick.c line 122:
                        if (MyClient(acptr))
                                sendto_snomask(SNO_NICKCHANGE, "*** Notice -- %s (%s@%s) has changed his/her nickname to %s",
                                        acptr->name, acptr->user->username, acptr->user->realhost, parv[2]);

                                RunHook2(HOOKTYPE_LOCAL_NICKCHANGE, acptr, parv[2]);

since this is within the block that should only be executed on the server owning the target client, this call to MyClient() seems redundant.

If it is needed, a short explaination would be appreciated, and accept my apologies for cloging up the bugs system
If it is redundant, then I'll submit a patch :)
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2005-11-04 02:46

reporter   ~0010630

Actually, come to think of it, the message it emits is techincally wrong ... the user didn't change his/her nick, they had it changed (by services or by an oper via services) ... this should probably be reflected in the message.


2005-11-04 04:45

reporter   ~0010631

The IsPerson(acptr) is irrelevant too, as we do find_person


2005-11-04 05:32

reporter   ~0010632

Nuked 3 IsPerson checks, acptr->name and MyClient ... also tweaked the message to be technically correct.

2005-11-04 05:33



2005-11-04 10:57

administrator   ~0010635


When we are at it, the way hunt_server_token is used is just plain weird (it's also used like that on other places):

if (!hunt_server_token(cptr, sptr, MSG_SVSNICK, TOK_SVSNICK, "%s %s :%s", 1, parc, parv) != HUNTED_ISME)

this seems to be A TAD more logical:
if (hunt_server_token(cptr, sptr, MSG_SVSNICK, TOK_SVSNICK, "%s %s :%s", 1, parc, parv) == HUNTED_ISME)

lol ;)


2005-11-09 09:37

administrator   ~0010681

Fixed in .394.

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