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0002683unrealircdpublic2015-05-27 18:17
Reporterbrain4 Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformi386OSFreeBSD, LinuxOS VersionAny
Product Version3.2.3 
Fixed in Version3.2.5 
Summary0002683: Multiple notify fails to trigger watch events
DescriptionIf two nicks are placed on the watchlist, and a user changes from one of these nicks to another which is ALSO on the watchlist, one of the WATCH events (signon for the second nick) is lost.

Instead of getting:

NICKA is offline
NICKB is online

you will just get:

NICKA is offline
Steps To Reproduce(in any client, tested with irssi, mirc, xchat):

user one:

/notify nickone
/notify nicktwo

user two then signs on as nickone, then does /nick nicktwo

User one will see:

- nickone is online
- nickone is offline

(and no mention of nicktwo)
Additional Informationthis is not a client issue as i have tested this with every client i happen to have a copy of. It does seem somewhat random, sometimes the online event WILL trigger on nickchange, but the majority of the time it will not.
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3rd party modules



2005-11-10 10:48

administrator   ~0010685

That sounds like a bug indeed.

[quote] It does seem somewhat random, sometimes the online event WILL trigger on nickchange, but the majority of the time it will not.[/quote]

*nod* I just tested it indeed and got exactly that, so good you mention it ;)

Perhaps it's related to remote nicks or something? Don't know, I only had time for a quick check right now, will research this later further.
If you spot a pattern though, let me know :).


2005-11-11 03:29

reporter   ~0010701

I had a brief session in telnet with stskeeps today, couldn't spot anything conclusive - but as I'm at my normal netcafe, couldn't check comfortably :).

I'll have a play tonight or something, in case syzop doesn't have time/I get any more info.


2005-11-11 11:14

administrator   ~0010709

Sure, take a look if you want.

At least a simple nickchange local or on a remote server (only tested 1 hop away) does not trigger this bug.
Even if you can only find a reproducable case, just let me know.
Otherwise, in case you take source aproach (in that case, if you found something, be sure to check if it is indeed causing a problem by simply testing it, don't blindly assume it ;p), pay attention to calls to hash_check_watch.

On a side note, I just committed this:
- Removed useless (unused) WATCH code that was still present in the core.
there was some old m_watch/show_watch code present in the core, this code was completely unused however (forgot to remove it in the core when the watch stuff got moved to src/modules/m_watch.c).


2005-11-12 01:14

reporter   ~0010713

I had a bit of a run through last night, with a 2 server testnet (and 1 server) - was unable to reproduce this.

I'll have another go with my full 20 server testnet (it's rare when I can be bothered starting them all up :P) and see what happens.


2005-11-15 08:53

reporter   ~0010746

sorry, im unable to reproduce this,
ive been watching with my debug window open, ive tryed local server, 1 hop 2 hops, and 4 hops apart, and i got both the log off and the log on.


2005-11-15 10:58

reporter   ~0010747

Last edited: 2005-11-15 10:59

Could this be related to the number of users on the network/local server, and therefore the number of entries in the nick hash? Its often duplicatable over on (3.2.2b hotfix), at least for me.

We have ~1100 users currently,and i have to say until recently (since 3.2.1) the issue hasnt reared its head at all. Its a pretty recent issue.

I was also able to duplicate it on which i believe is 3.2.3 but with less frequency than on 3.2.2b.


2005-11-16 22:57

reporter   ~0010759

Looking over our hash stuff, we use (exactly) the same as bahamut 1.8.3 (I've no idea if that's the most recent, it was when I downloaded it a few months back now). (Oh, and except we use unsigned int some places where they use int, doubt that could have any effect though?)

So, I somehow doubt that it's hashing problems...


2005-11-17 10:00

administrator   ~0010762

I tried both on chatspike and deepspace, and could not reproduce it.

This is what I do:
- connect usera to server A
- connect userb to server B
- note: there is no userc online at this time
- usera: WATCH +userb +userc
- userb: NICK userc

And I get all the normal (expected) stuff

Also when userb & userc where on watch, I reconnected userb, still all good.

Tried it a few more times too.

How often do you get it? (33%? 10%? 5%?)


2005-11-17 10:09

reporter   ~0010765

Last edited: 2005-11-17 10:12

A couple of weeks ago, i was getting this almost 100% of the time, recently i get it much less -- during this time, we havent added or removed any modules or upgraded/downgraded our system, or introduced anything else nonstandard onto our network.


I'd like to point out that next to no clients actually send watch in the form:

WATCH +n1 +n2

They all seem to send WATCH to unreal with something like:

WATCH C nick1 nick2 N

or something of that nature, mIRC does this, xchat does this and i think irssi does. Dont know why they do it, but could this be part of the problem? Is unreal identifying its WATCH incorrectly?


2015-05-27 18:17

administrator   ~0018355

can't reproduce, tried both local & remote server. must have been fixed then.

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