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0002728unrealircdpublic2007-04-26 09:26
ReporterJanisB Assigned Tostskeeps 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
OSGentoo LinuxOS Version2.6.10 
Product Version3.2.3 
Fixed in Version3.3-alpha0 
Summary0002728: Channels like cannot be handled by services or other servers(??)
Description-ChanServ- Channel registered under your nickname: Alexey
Services want put +r on chan e.t.c. (eh.. is a perfectly legal name, ©Stskeeps). So, why i can't see `ChanServ sets mode: +r` ?
Btw, "/join #:blablabla" — #:blablabla Bad Channel Mask. It's correct only if #:<server_name_here> is present
With other servers
Steps To Reproduce/join #:server_name_here
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3rd party modules-


child of 0003281 resolvednenolod Removal of masked channels 



2005-12-27 14:07

administrator   ~0010895

Those are channel masks. It works like this:
#somechan:<servername> only exists on <servername> and not on any other servers
#somechan:*.de only exists on all servers ending in .de and not on others
So, naturally, services won't (or should not) be able to set modes on it if they are not included in the mask (eg: and the chan is
That's the theory, at least...

In practice, channel mask channels support is broken because it is only present in few routines (=commands) and unmaintained for years. IMO it can be removed, it's not worth keeping it.


2005-12-27 21:57

reporter   ~0010903

Would this mean that if I had it would be a local channel?


2006-07-30 20:12

reporter   ~0012107

..or why not create a channel like #warez:server.netname.tld - try to forbid this channel.
It will NOT work at all..


2006-07-31 17:43

reporter   ~0012108

    name ""; // Remeber to change DENYCHAN {} block too!
    info " IRCd";
    numeric 1;
deny channel {
    channel "*";
    reason "Don't use channels, that cannot be handled with services.";

Worx fine for me


2006-08-18 12:57

administrator   ~0012186

Just for the record, this bug is put "on hold". I need to decide whether to remove or implement it correctly. Sorry for the confusion.


2006-08-18 13:29

reporter   ~0012187


I am looking for unrealircd to possibly support ":" in channel name. Since usually local charname is "&" it would be nice if we could use ":" like in all ircd. so I guess all I can do is support the idea of removing this unstandars channel mask.

etc.. many use to it

Id thank anyone to put effort into that really! \m/


2006-08-19 09:56

administrator   ~0012188

If we remove it, we won't allow ':' in channel names. This is for compatability reasons / not to cause services to freak out, and will continue to be like that for the next 3-5 years.
So I'm afraid it's not going to help you anything ;)


2006-08-22 17:37

reporter   ~0012211

i like the idea of using the & prefix for local channels like other ircds do, but it would be nice if it were a compile time options (./Config -advanced), and if you get rid of the current channels, then obviously it would be best to disable their use. (until maybe 3.3 ?)

since most services and other ircd specific stuff, would need to be updated for 3.3, it would only seem logical that you could make a change like this; it wouldn't cause any problems if documented in the protocol changes correctly ;p


2006-08-24 10:14

reporter   ~0012227

Why we need these (:) channels anyway?
Remove it and this is the end of story:P


2007-04-16 12:35

reporter   ~0013462

Bump. What did we do with this?


2007-04-26 09:26

reporter   ~0013741

Fixed in related bug

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