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0002779unrealdocumentationpublic2015-08-08 08:16
ReporterRicardo Assigned Tosyzop  
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Product Version3.2.4 
Fixed in Version3.4-beta1 
Summary0002779: +o or +O ?

<Ricardo> hello, I want know if the flag(umode) for Global Opers is +o or +O. Some places is said +O, but the umode set at /oper is +o
<Ricardo> at the Docs:
<Ricardo> o local Makes you a local operator
<Ricardo> O global Makes you a global operator

<Special> helpop says the reverse of what the docs do, it seems

<Ricardo> also the /oper message is wrong: -Server- Nick (*@*) [Nick] is now an operator (O)
<Special> terribly inconsistant :o

<aquanight> FLAG o is local
<aquanight> MODE o is global

<aquanight> Special: it's probably a holdover from very old IRCds
<Special> shot.
<aquanight> used to be you used a O:Line to make a global operator and he got umode +o
<aquanight> and o:Line was used to make local operator and he got umode +O

Very confusing is the global/local O:line system...
It would be better if changed or, at least, corrected the docs/helpop.
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2006-01-29 04:26

reporter   ~0011097

The docs and helpop are both correct.

As aquanight said:
FLAG o is local
MODE o is global

A operflag is not a usermode.

Anyway, the solution is very easy: Don't use this old and ugly system, use the new operflags (local, global etc.).

/me votes to remove the old system in 3.3 :-)


2006-01-29 11:02

reporter   ~0011098

My idea is to uniform the umode letter and the flag letter. Even if you use global; in your unrealircd.conf, you will get the "User is using modes +o( plus some other modes)" at IRC.

Because the IRC shows the modes letter I think they won't remove the letter system that is also an easy system to include lot of modes without losing configuration space. But they can standardize one letter for the modes and flags.


2006-02-06 21:52

reporter   ~0011153

And in 'standardising' unintentionally [and silently] break many existing configurations for a minor or nill gain?


Dukat, some people prefer such a system - I'm one of them personally, as I hate to type that much out, and dislike seeing ~20 lines just for one oper block.


2006-02-07 11:36

reporter   ~0011159

Last edited: 2006-02-07 18:55

<...break many existing configurations for a minor or nill gain>

Will break something if users upgrade and don't read the Changelog. Every new version always break something even if only modules. This is an update, must break old issues.
[ And why the Mozilla fans think IE should standardize the called Acid2 if no one use it? (I never see any website draw that wasn't a picture but a strange code) (Please note that I'm not a web designer/developer and can be wrong). And IE removing ActiveX will not break too many site configurations? ]


2013-05-23 06:00

reporter   ~0017655

What, if anything, needs to be done here?


2013-05-23 09:49

reporter   ~0017657

Remove support for the old letter-based oper flags system, and probably also the m_svso stuff.

This should be done at the same time as moving to privilege sets / IAPCM as has been done by charybdis, inspircd, etcetera already.


2013-05-29 14:33

reporter   ~0017696

I disagree with the "acknowledged" status of this bug. IMVHO it should be closed as an invalid bug as it is no bug at all from and back. helpops and docs are correct, the reporter was confusing oper flags with umodes as stated.

IF we choose to rid the old flags and I don't see why we should even if 0004157 comes to pass because flags "ABCxyz"; is far easier to type than a multi-lined flags sub-block and no more difficult to understand.

To prevent confusion change the oper flags to match the umode case.


2015-08-08 08:15

administrator   ~0018573

locop (+O) no longer exists, so fixed now.

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