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0002792unrealircdpublic2015-05-24 10:47
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Product Version3.2.4 
Fixed in Version3.4-alpha1 
Summary0002792: Desync: making an unkick/deopable kicker
DescriptionThis is a bug that is in many ircds (but the exact effects vary a bit)
This may not be easy to fix. The problem is a kick coming from an
"unexisting" client, which is discarded.

If a kick and a kill or a nick collision of the kicker cross, the kick isn't
propagated, leaving an unkickable/deopable (except on his own server or his
side of the desync) op. This situation can only be fixed by an op on his
server (if he hasn't kicked them already), or an oper killing him (and all
his other desynced clients, happy hunting).
Other servers won't accept modes from him anymore (they'll bounce), but they
do accept his kicks.
If he kicks everyone out, leaving him as the only one on the channel, servers
will start to disagree on the timestamp, making his server bounce all modes
from other clients on servers that join (without showing which client is
causing that).

So this makes an abuser look like he has some godly power, and can make it
hard to get a taken over channel back into order.
Steps To Reproduce2 servers: s1, s2
3 clients: c1, c1b on s1, c2 on s2

At roughly the same time the clients do:
c1: /nick c
c2: /nick c and /kick c1b
Suppose c2(c) gets killed by the nick collision, then s1 won't accept the kick,
leaving c1b opped on the channel, but unkick/deopable by anyone on s2.
Additional InformationSame as for that other bug I reported: this bug is also in some other ircds,
please don't make details public yet.

Some people seem to think this bug is too hard to fix, because not accepting
anything from "unexisting" clients is done before any parsing of the message.
And well, you can't use it to do takeovers, so it's not critical.
In my opinion it is a pretty bad bug when being abused, so it is worth being
fixed, even if that's hard.
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2015-05-24 10:47

administrator   ~0018335

Fixed in 3.4-alpha1 by the introduction of UID's.

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