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0002832unrealircdpublic2007-04-15 12:59
ReporterStealth Assigned Tostskeeps 
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Product Version3.2.4 
Summary0002832: Remote include oper SSL cert
DescriptionIt would be nice to be able to remote include oper SSL certs when using SSL cert as the oper auth method.
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related to 0003254 resolved Allow the use of SSL Certificate Fingerprints for password fields 
related to 0003202 resolvedsyzop Allow remote includes anywhere a file is expected 
related to 0003999 resolvedsyzop remote sslclientcert 



2006-02-21 23:12

reporter   ~0011280

Maybe while on the subject of SSL certs, it might be nice if ssl certs could be used anywhere a password is (if we can't already that is). Especially good for, say, allow {} because then the PASS :thing can be ignored and sent to nickserv?


2006-02-22 22:04

reporter   ~0011283

Make your own bug report :P (jk)

That sounds good, but last time I requested something with the allow code they said Sts had it so monkeyed he himself couldn't desipher it


2007-02-19 13:56

reporter   ~0013228

Err.. ssl client certs can be used anywhre a password is .. afaik.. Where we use Auth_check or wtf it was called


2007-04-13 06:47

reporter   ~0013372

We could probably help this issue a bit by implementing SSL certificate fingerprint authentication method.. please see 0003254


2007-04-15 03:48

reporter   ~0013380

Implemented in 3.3-alpha, .2344 with SSL client certificate fingerprints (0003254). Does this fullfill your need?


2007-04-15 10:05

reporter   ~0013386

Yes, this does indeed fulfill my need. I still however would like to see this happen, because even you pointed out it isn't as good as comparing the actual certificate. It is at least great we have a way to use certificates though :)

(I actually don't use remote includes myself, so fingerprints are one better than this for me. Good job :D )

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