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0002833unrealircdpublic2007-05-20 15:22
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Summary0002833: UHNAMES (and NAMESX too)
DescriptionI figure this is a useful extension, and as I understand mIRC supports it (albeit not until 6.17), X-Chat may. irssi probably doesn't, but it's not used by many ppl (and yes, I use irssi).

I know that NAMESX was mentioned in bug 606, but it's rather old and there seems to be little progress on implementing it, and more progress in talking about it.
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related to 0000606 resolvedstskeeps Setting more than one channel mode (o, h and v) on a user can desync these modes with client 



2006-02-24 06:09

administrator   ~0011290

Last edited: 2006-02-24 06:09

** This post is regarding NAMESX **

I do indeed see this (mirc changelog):
18.Added support for numeric 005 NAMESX token, indicating that
   mIRC supports multiple mode prefixes for a nickname in a NAMES
   list, eg. @+nickname.

But how does mIRC communicate this to the irc server?

Hmmm.. actually.. when testing this with mirc 5.17, I see it sends a 'PROTOCTL NAMESX' if it sees this in 005... wonderful! ;)
Did someone lobby for us or something? lol

I'm pretty sure I'll implement this then.
Even if it's not as optimal as another negotiate protocol (which is far for finished, true), it will at least be present as "one of the ways to achieve this.." and it would work right now.


2006-02-24 06:12

administrator   ~0011291

Last edited: 2006-02-24 06:15

Oh and regarding UHNAMES, will have to think about that, but the idea isn't bad... It would solve those poor clients having to mass WHO and getting sendq exceeded and things like that (plus, it will save us a lot of bandwidth if clients are pleased with this and no longer have to WHO).

For the record, relevant mirc changelog entry:
127.Added support for numeric 005 UHNAMES token, indicating that mIRC
    supports the nick!user@host format in the NAMES list which it uses
    to the fill the IAL on joining a channel.

(since, surprise, not every ircd coder does read mirc changelogs, is good to mention the relevant entries here what you actually meant)

I forgot to mention, this is also sub-optimal just as NAMESX (well you know the whole discussion in the other bugreport regarding auto-join), but still...


2006-02-24 07:11

administrator   ~0011293

NAMESX stuff --> 0000606
Will keep this entry for UHNAMES :)


2006-02-27 21:51

reporter   ~0011311

UHNAMES doesn't sound like a bad idea, assuming it too does a PROTOCTL (I'm assuming it does). I just hope clients won't be greedy about it and turn it on when they don't really care about u@h info!


2006-04-27 18:30

administrator   ~0011620

Will delay UHNAMES.

'Heard current mIRC has problems (read: bugs) with it anyway...


2007-04-07 17:50

reporter   ~0013352

mirc changelog version 6.2 claims to have fixed issues with UHNAMES

21.Fixed /names list display being truncated when a UHNAMES list is
   returned with full addresses.

assuming that was the issue you were speaking of anyhow.


2007-04-18 05:40

reporter   ~0013509

Status wished on this?


2007-04-30 18:59

reporter   ~0013957

personally i'd like to see this in 3.2.7 or 3.2.8


2007-05-08 13:40

administrator   ~0014050

ok for 3.3*
unknown for 3.2* (low prio)


2007-05-09 11:55

reporter   ~0014060

Does anyone know the raw format for what this should look like?
I'm tempted to take a crack at implementing it.


2007-05-09 12:41

reporter   ~0014062

I did some poking around ConferenceRoom.
this is a result from NAMESX and UHNAMES 353 testagent = #randchan :@+testagent!


2007-05-09 21:13

reporter   ~0014064

[quote] 353 testagent = #randchan :@+testagent![/quote]

Is that = a result of a cloaked host (is = even valid in hostnames?), part of the UHNAMES, or a result of mixing UHNAMES and NAMESX?

Also, can you (or indeed, anyone) get numeric samples from other ircds (ie: >1 if possible) known to support UHNAMES (and preferably NAMESX as well)?


2007-05-09 22:56

reporter   ~0014069

in the hostname, the = is part of their cloaking.

2007-05-13 21:47


uhnames.diff (3,481 bytes)


2007-05-13 21:48

reporter   ~0014130

working patch uploaded.
a) compile tested
b) run tested

this is against today's CVS for 3.2

2007-05-14 12:09


uhnames-v2.diff (3,463 bytes)


2007-05-14 12:10

reporter   ~0014137

previous patch had a bug, it was always retrieving the cloakhost, not checking whether the user was cloaked or vhosted, or not.


2007-05-20 15:22

reporter   ~0014194

Patched in .2411

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