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0002926unrealinstallingpublic2006-06-08 06:13
Reportervonitsanet Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformi386OSFreeBSDOS Version6-release
Product Version3.2.5 
Fixed in Version3.2.5 
Summary0002926: make: permission denied
DescriptionI have an error when i'm trying to compile unreal from CVS.
With official release everything 3.2.4 is ok and it compiled just fine:/
The same error with this downloaded version:

Steps To Reproduce[after ./Config]
$ make
make: Permission denied
Additional InformationThis seems to be FreeBSD specific, maybe even FreeBSD6?

Never happens on Linux.
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3rd party modules



2006-05-24 20:26

reporter   ~0011769

i can give you shell access if you want to test it:/


2006-05-24 20:36

reporter   ~0011770

if i do:
cd ~
cd Unreal_Folder

and type make it compiles and it dont says denied.
But this is not a solution because the ssl cert is created on the ./Config time and i cant do something:/


2006-05-25 08:20

administrator   ~0011771

for the record, the error vonitsanet is getting is: 'make: permission denied'.

That is some kind of shell error. What I usually do is type 'whereis make' and then 'make' suddenly works again (same can be achieved by logging out and then logging in again). I don't know why some shells have this problem, it also always on FreeBSD and never on Linux :p.


2006-05-25 08:21

administrator   ~0011772

'make pem' to create the SSL certificate.

I'll create a FAQ entry for this (I mean, the permission denied problem).


2006-05-25 08:31

administrator   ~0011773

FAQ item added:


2006-05-25 08:32

administrator   ~0011774

Oh, vonitsanet, could you let me know your bash version (type: 'bash --version
'), maybe we can spot a pattern... Though, probably not :/
Thanks :)


2006-05-25 13:10

reporter   ~0011775

I'm not home right now i'll send my version when i'm at home but..
There is a strange thing syzop.
With the official 3.2.4 release it compiles fine.
This problem caused only with devel cvs:/


2006-05-25 13:17

administrator   ~0011776

Actually I think that is not true, start a new SSH session, extract a fresh official Unreal, ./Config it the same (so with ssl), and see what happens :)

But I never understood it either.


2006-05-25 18:00

administrator   ~0011777

I meant to say "I'm *not sure* that's true btw" ;P


2006-06-01 13:37

reporter   ~0011824

Sorry for the delay.
GNU bash, version 3.00.16(1)-release (i386-portbld-freebsd6.0)
Copyright (C) 2004 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

And yes it compiles fine with 3.2.4 official release.
I have did a fresh install again.
With cvs it says denied..


2006-06-07 18:55

reporter   ~0011932

syzop as i said before if u return to the home dir (cd ~) and then get back to Unreal folder "make" works fine.
Is possible (someway) for ./Config to do this before every "make" command on *BSD systems?


2006-06-07 19:09

administrator   ~0011933

Could you mail account details to ? Thanks


2006-06-07 19:31

reporter   ~0011934

I am uploading a patch to Config automatically apply the workaround mentioned in the FAQ.

This patch does not address the underlying problem. It just hides it.

vonitsanet thought up these changes, I simply altered his changes to make them work with non-default settings.

2006-06-07 19:32


Config.patch (460 bytes)


2006-06-07 19:39

reporter   ~0011935

You have an email


2006-06-08 06:13

administrator   ~0011938

Workaround added in current CVS.

- On certain (newer?) FreeBSD's you get "make: Permission denied" after ./Config, but when
  you do 'cd ..' and then 'cd -' again, make works just fine. This is going to be the most
  stupid workaround in history... Reported by vonitsanet and others (0002926). question 10 btw:
10. I get a 'make: Permission denied' error when I type 'make config' or 'make' (FreeBSD / *BSD)

    This is caused by a bug in FreeBSD (and possibly other BSDs as well). A simple 'cd .', or changing to a different directory and then changing back, usually fixes this.

Also a respectable position.. if your system is broke.. fix it! :P

But I added the workaround... This makes me wonder what I would have done if this would have happened on, say, AIX...

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