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0002965unrealircdpublic2006-07-04 05:07
ReporterJasonTik Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
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Product Version3.2.5 
Fixed in Version3.2.6 
Summary0002965: include/config.h #undef SHOW_SECRET behavior or documentation incorrect
 * Defining this will allow all ircops to see people in +s channels
 * By default, only net/tech admins can see this

I always undefed this on my network thinking it would help keep abuse down by preventing accidental entry of +s channels caused by not noticing the mode. It turns out, while the description sounds like it hides/unhides completely, it only does so in /whois.

Either the documentation should be corrected or the behavior should be corrected. I have made a patch to correct the behavior. It is attached.
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2006-06-10 00:52


show_secret.patch (1,506 bytes)


2006-06-15 16:11

reporter   ~0011958

I totally agree with this. Unexperience IRCoperators may be looking through /list and not realise its a +s channel and enter, because they are too stupid, or inexpereicne to look for the +s. I think the patch is a great Idea for 3.2.5 and we can test it to make sure it works syzop, because you know we're good at that. :) thanks


2006-06-15 16:12

reporter   ~0011959

This hits even the experienced ones. I've done it a couple times. I've gotten a bit more careful about checking now though.


2006-06-17 10:04

reporter   ~0011974

Last edited: 2006-06-17 11:31

Aparently this patch no longer works on Unreal3.2.5. I will produce and upload a new one. This one is more complete. Source changes from .4 to .5 allowed me to find more places SHOW_SECRET applies.


2006-06-17 10:56


show_secret325.patch (3,206 bytes)


2006-06-24 06:55

administrator   ~0012006

Sounds like a good idea.

I took a look at the patch, which made me wonder... how about a macro like:
 #define OPCanSeeSecret(x) IsAnOper(x)
 #define OPCanSeeSecret(x) IsNetAdmin(x)

And then use OPCanSeeSecret() everywhere, to get rid of the many #ifdef's in the code.

Actually, how about calling it HIDE_SECRET and reverse the meaning? Sounds more logical to me, especially since SHOW_SECRET is the default :P. (Obviously then make the default #undef HIDE_SECRET).

When thinking of it, it would be nice if it was a per-oper option, but.. that's more something for 3.3* ;).
So what for 3.2*? I like the macro idea of above, either with SHOW_SECRET or HIDE_SECRET, I don't care... :P


2006-06-28 22:41

reporter   ~0012030

That would work. Should I write this new patch, syzop? I will if wanted. It is definately something that should be done.


2006-06-29 07:09

administrator   ~0012031

Yes, if you could do that, that would be helpful :P


2006-06-29 17:42

reporter   ~0012032


/me adds to TODO

2006-06-29 18:39


show_secret325.patch.1 (2,757 bytes)


2006-06-29 18:40

reporter   ~0012033

I have converted my 3.2.5 patch and uploaded the new version.

The meaning and default setting of SHOW_SECRET is intact (while I really think this should be changed, its not my decision). The behavior, when unset, however, is now correct.


2006-07-04 05:07

administrator   ~0012045

Thanks :P

CVS .546:
- Made it so undefining SHOW_SECRET (not the default) properly hides +s channels from ircops
  (except netadmins), as it should. Reported and patch supplied by Jason (0002965).

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