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0002980unrealircdpublic2006-11-04 16:30
Reporteravenger Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformi386OSlinux/fbsd (maybe others)OS Version2.4.32 / 4.11-st
Product Version3.2.4 
Fixed in Version3.2.6 
Summary0002980: Big services stamp may break synchrony among servers.
DescriptionIf you define a services stamp greater than 2147483647, and a server falls on netsplit, when it gets back, it disseminates all users as being the same servicestamp (to this max value). This can cause problems with services-ready networks, as a user could identify to others' nicks w/out knowing their password (as long as services rely on services stamp).
Steps To ReproduceRun two ircds, link them. Link also a ulined server, and set your services stamp to a value greater than 2147483647. Check your services stamp's value on the remote server (it should be ok at this time). Send a SQUIT between the two ircds, and then, without logging out (which will reset the services stamp), reconnect both servers and look your services stamp being that 2147... number.

This occurs because the user's structure servicestamp var is declared long (and that is the max value of long).
Additional InformationThree directions to fix the issue:
- Declare servicestamp as long long from make_user(), and adapt each call to the var to this (would imply in calling atoll() in place of atol();
- Limit the mode assigning from m_svsmode.c (case 'd') either by issuing a test for the size or by calling atol() there too (as done in the problem source, m_user.c)
- Make m_user.c work like the svsmode.c case 'd', and do a strtoul, and declare servicestamp as unsigned long (for safe) in make_user(). I'm taking this for this is the less hard way to fix the problem.
- Other solution will not fix the bug: make services not assing services stamp long wouldn't comport. :)
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2006-06-19 03:01

reporter   ~0011987

For the first solution, servicestamp is u_int32_t type, so the only problem seems to be the atol() used against this type, and maybe the best form should be the second, just calling strtoul() instead of atol.
If so, just get to m_user.c, and change all
  sstamp = atol(parv[4]);
lines to
  sstamp = strtoul(parv[4]);

Well, if this works on m_svsmode (case 'd') why not work here? *sigh*


2006-06-21 15:18

reporter   ~0011995

Except strtoul is:

[quote]unsigned long int strtoul(const char *nptr, char **endptr, int base);[/quote]


2006-06-21 16:01

reporter   ~0011996

wrap it in a macro?

#define atoul(x) strtoul((x), strlen((x)), 10)

The only problem is that man strtoul says the string has to start with 'an arbitrary amount of whitespace', and I don't know if that means 'zero or more' or 'one or more'


2006-06-21 17:10

reporter   ~0011997

**endptr doestn't mean the string length. it's a pointer to the first character which isn't a umber in *nptr. it can be NULL and then strtol() is like atol(). And it doestn't need of course a whitespace at the beginning would be senseless anyway


2006-06-21 17:31

reporter   ~0011998

ok. so...

#define atoul(x) strtoul((x), NULL, 10)


2006-11-04 16:30

administrator   ~0012586

Fixed in 32* and 33* CVS:

- Services timestamps are now always treated as an unsigned long (0..2^32-1), instead
  of accidently as signed long during netsynchs. This bug caused issues with values
  larger than 2147483647. Reported by avenger (0002980).

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