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0002981unrealircdpublic2006-08-04 06:17
ReporterRob Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformAllOSAllOS VersionN/A
Product Version3.2.5 
Fixed in Version3.2.6 
Summary0002981: SVSMODE -b and the new cloaked matching ban stuff
DescriptionWe seem to have stumbled across a minor problem with anope / the new cloaked
ban matching in unreal 3.2.5.

It appears that its possible to get a ban against your masked host set in a
channel, change your vhost to something else, and have chanserv unable to
unban you. (please bare with me, its relevant to the ircd, honest :) )

Its probably easier to show, first from the users point of view, then from the
services point of view....

Rob owns a channel, #test, however is banned

[19:17] þþþ Rob [] has joined #test
[19:17] þþþ mode/#test [+b *!*] by Rob_
[19:17] þþþ Rob [] has left #test

Rob set's a vhost on:

-HostServ(services@localhost)- Your vhost of rob@wanted.a.vhost is now

Rob tells chanserv to unban him:

[19:17] [msg(chanserv)] unban #test
-ChanServ(services@localhost)- You have been unbanned from #test.

However, the ban against the masked host has not been removed.

--- Now from services point of view

[Jun 21 19:17:17.321680 2006] debug: Received: :Rob_ G #test +b
[Jun 21 19:17:17.321933 2006] debug: Changing modes for #test to +b
[Jun 21 19:17:17.322004 2006] debug: Added ban *!*
to channel #test
[Jun 21 19:17:24.722272 2006] debug: Received: :Rob D #test
[Jun 21 19:17:24.722529 2006] debug: Rob leaves #test
[Jun 21 19:17:32.240753 2006] debug: Sent: :services.localhost AL Rob
[Jun 21 19:17:46.848020 2006] debug: Received: :Rob ! chanserv :unban #test
[Jun 21 19:17:46.860114 2006] debug: Sent: :services.localhost n #test -b Rob
[Jun 21 19:17:46.860402 2006] debug: Sent: :ChanServ B Rob :You have been
unbanned from #test .

Services sent a SVSMODE #test -b Rob ( "n" using tokens )
however a ban matching Rob was not removed from #test, as such Rob was still
unable to join the channel.
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related to 0002469 closedsyzop SVSMODE -b and usermode 'x' 
child of 0002936 resolvedsyzop 3.2.6 Release 



2006-06-25 23:17

reporter   ~0012019

Thanks for reporting that one Rob =) I thought I was just crazy and / or misconfiguring something IRCd-side. =)


2006-07-03 18:26

reporter   ~0012043

Last edited: 2006-07-03 18:27

I will probably look into that bug later, but until then (if someone else is going to look at the code):
The SVSMODE should result into 3 checks for each banlist entry: real host, cloaked host (which seems to be missing here!) and vhost. (We cannot assume that we can skip the cloaked host even if we have a vhost enabled.)


2006-07-04 16:45

reporter   ~0012048

Just looked at the code, starting at line 196 from m_svsmode.c in 3.2.5

it makes uhost (realhost), vhost (natch), and ihost (IP host), but no chost.


2006-07-04 16:50

reporter   ~0012049

Of interest is that GetHost() gets realhost if no umode +x. You could probably shortcircuit the check by checking IsHidden(sptr). Not sure if that would make it any faster or less readable.

meanwhile, the patch to make this add chost or w/e should be trivial. just add a new string var that you use sptr->user->cloakedhost

2006-07-04 16:59



2006-07-04 17:04

reporter   ~0012050

Last edited: 2006-07-04 18:08

Uploaded a patch. Compile tested, not runtested.

I have a feeling that this could use some work however. You have basically the same code 3 times, for case b, e, and I. It would be nice if it was consolidated.

something like
int unban_user(chptr, acptr, chmode)

chmode would be a single char, 'b', 'e', or 'I'. And for case 'I' we don't check extbantypes

No doubt similar could be done for clearing ops/voices/etc.

*** Edit b/c we still need chptr, so don't pass banlist, pass chptr and find banlist internally ***

*** Edit rename unban(...) to unban_user(...) Better name suggestions appreciated. maybe UnbanUser(...) ??? ***

2006-07-04 18:47



2006-07-04 18:49

reporter   ~0012052

Here is a first draft patch that implements what I described.
It is also compile-tested only, and assumes the previous patch was applied.

Please forgive if I made style mistakes, I am not completely acquainted with the surrounding code style, and my C is quite rusty.

that and probably these functions should have proper returns, although the values are never checked. Probably return the number of bans affected/removed.

2006-07-27 22:56



2006-07-27 22:58

reporter   ~0012089

Last edited: 2006-07-27 23:00


Ok, that's a corrected patch, although the two previous patches are now just one. I'm sorry that the previous one was wrong, it was only compile-tested. Today I runtime tested it, found a bug, and fixed it.

Please consider for 3.2.6. Hell, if anybody sees similar issues elsewhere, I'll consider patching those too.


2006-08-02 18:06

administrator   ~0012122

I like the idea, will verify the patch later and apply it.


2006-08-03 07:14

administrator   ~0012129

Last edited: 2006-08-03 07:15

Should be fixed in .551:
- Fixed SVSMODE -b [user] not always removing all bans (specificly, bans on the cloaked
  host when you have a vhost), a code cleanup was also done. Based on patch from tabrisnet.
  Reported by Rob (0002981).

If someone could verify this fixes it, that would be nice :)

(as you can see I had to modify your patch a bit, otherwise it would cause heap corruption (linked list fun), and had to check for availability of IP/etc as well for users)


2006-08-03 19:41

reporter   ~0012144

Last edited: 2006-08-03 19:45

What kind of verification do you want? I know that the patch I did originally worked. And I have applied it to my production network.

Additionally, I just did a raw svsmode, and used it to unban myself from a channel, where my cloakhost was banned and my vhost was set.


2006-08-04 06:17

administrator   ~0012150

Well, verification that it works, of course :P.

Your original patch was very dangerous and will corrupt the heap very easily.

Ah well, I'll just mark this issue as fixed, quite sure it works ok and we'll have it tested during the testing rounds anyway.


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