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0003048unrealircdpublic2007-09-05 15:49
ReporterKorfio Assigned Tosyzop  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.5 
Fixed in Version3.2.6 
Summary0003048: mode f figures in wrong position in 005 token CHANMODES

however, one can do //mode # -f
and it will remove the modes.

Doesn't this mean it should be

Steps To Reproduce/version
/j #test
/mode #test +f [1j,3t]:15
/mode #test -f

mode is removed
Additional Informationbased on token 005 docs
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3rd party modules



2006-09-01 18:21

reporter   ~0012288

This seems to also be the case for +L

in #corf2:

|02:16| *** Corfiot sets mode(s) +lL 1 #corf3
|02:18| -> Server: mode #corf2 -L
|02:18| *** Corfiot sets mode(s) -L #corf3

considering only one channel can be specified for +L this is probably a correct observation


2006-09-01 18:25

administrator   ~0012289

Hm, strange. Odd nobody discovered this before:
Yes 'MODE #chan -f' works, but the mode actually sent out is a MODE #chan -f parametershere'.

So that's hmmm... quite bad :P.

I've modulized +f in Unreal3.3* btw, it's then +f params and -f is paramless. But for Unreal3.2* we still have this... problem :P.

Fixing this needs to be done with care, as to not break services too much (or notify them in case we do).


2006-09-03 16:07

administrator   ~0012303

Fixed in 3.2* (3.3* didn't need it, since using extcmodes):
- Fix for channel mode +f: It incorrectly didn't eat a paramter on unset (ouch!), even
  though it always acted like it did in the MODE line sent to the channel. This bug caused
  desynchs in some cases. Bug reported by Korfio (0003048).

This -f thing was quite bad.

The -L thing you mentioned btw, works ok.. since it eats the paramter if it's there (and otherwise, is happy enough if there's no paramter left). +f actually always skipped eating it, even if it was there. Yeah ok, this sounds odd, but.. in any case the -f thing was an issue and is now fixed.

Thanks for the report :)


2007-07-23 17:44

viewer   ~0014568

سعودي هكرز


2007-09-05 15:49

administrator   ~0014754

your comment is very....odd.... and unreadable. not to mention I don't see anything wrong with this bugid.

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