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0003063unrealinstallingpublic2006-12-28 12:27
Reportersatmd Assigned ToTrocotronic  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformanyOSanyOS Versionany
Product Version3.2.5 
Fixed in Version3.3-alpha0 
Summary0003063: ./Config asks for domainname but that info is not used anywhere
DescriptionToday we had a user having difficulties installing unrealircd because he changed the default domainname/hostname during ./Config

A quick grep DOMAINNAME on the entire source tree returned nothing but autoconf stuff. The value is not used anywhere else. No calculations seem to depend on it. Probably it is stuff from long forgotten times :P
Steps To Reproducetrivial?
Additional InformationI include a patch which applies cleany to the Unreal3.2.5 release. It might be overkill (patching configure as well, not only autoconf/) but that will just result in skipped hunks and not do any harm.
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3rd party modules


2006-09-17 07:43


no-domainname.patch (3,350 bytes)


2006-09-17 07:45

administrator   ~0012399

roger ;p


2006-09-17 08:08

reporter   ~0012400

Ooops... just to make the report complete: the patch is intended to remove DOMAINNAME from the sources :P


2006-12-28 12:27

reporter   ~0012944

Fixed in .2320

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