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0003135unrealircdpublic2006-12-05 07:56
ReporterBock Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformallOSwinOS Version2003
Product Version3.2.6 
Fixed in Version3.2.6 
Summary0003135: didn't get notices about oper-up
DescriptionWe have oper block:

oper test {
 class clients;
 from {
 userhost *@*;
password "test";
flags {
maxlogins 6;
modes "oH";
snomask kcfvGqso;

If I get /oper test test, other ircops on this server don't get notices about it. Snomasks are: +kcfjveGqSso

On oper side:
 -› UserMode: is now (+osWH)
 -› Server notice mask (+kcfvGqso)
 -› You are now an IRC Operator

and whois:
-› Whois report for wx|wrk (Samets Anton)
-› Address: wax@belarusbank-87F7C2F
-› wx|wrk is using modes +iowsxWzH +kcfvGqso
-› wx|wrk is connecting from *@localhost
-› Server: BelarusBank.local, ASB BelarusBank IRC server (unofficial)
-› Status: IRC Operator

In docs:
"o - receives oper-up notices".

But people with this snomask don't get notices about oper-up.
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2006-12-05 07:23

administrator   ~0012784

modes "oH";
...That's illegal

You shouldn't give such kind of oper modes through oper::modes ('o', 'C', etc), you should use local/global/netadmin/etc instead.

Basically what you just did was define a local operator (no 'global' flag), and then made it illegally global through oper::modes. Due to the order that things are done, it probably therefore thought it was already oper.

If I try your oper block with the oper::modes changed to this:
modes "H";

it works properly :P

So more a call for enhanced oper::modes checking :P
Something which was previously decided we wouldn't do, since we can trust opers, but something I've been slowly changing (like 'z' in oper::modes is illegal now) due to still people doing things wrong and wondering why problems arise ;P


2006-12-05 07:56

administrator   ~0012785

Fixed in CVS of 32* and 33*, thanks Bock ;)

- Improved detection of bad set::modes-on-oper and oper::modes, now rejecting things like
  'o', 'z', and more.
- Fix from above fixes an /OPER announce problem reported by Bock (0003135).

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