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0003138unrealircdpublic2006-12-06 08:39
Reportervonitsanet Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.6 
Fixed in Version3.2.6 
Summary0003138: Not getting link error message
Description[01:41:10] -FBSD6.unrealircd.testnet- *** Notice -- Connection to freebsd.unrealircd.testnet[] activated.
[01:44:11] -FBSD6.unrealircd.testnet- *** Notice -- Connection to freebsd.unrealircd.testnet[] activated.
[01:47:12] -FBSD6.unrealircd.testnet- *** Notice -- Connection to freebsd.unrealircd.testnet[] activated.

This is the .conf from testing.
Server will not report any error .. "no response" or something.. it will just keep trying to connect..
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2006-12-05 17:58

administrator   ~0012786

You did /connect each time? Or did it suddenly try 3 times in a row out of itself? :P

Also, is the server link using SSL ? You might want to set the junk and eyes snomask on to see more info: MODE yournick +s +je


2006-12-05 18:31

reporter   ~0012790

Last edited: 2006-12-05 18:43

its the .conf from the unreal testing 3.2.5 version.
Its autoconnect with ssl + zip


2006-12-06 06:30

administrator   ~0012796

Oh ok, I misread, I thought it was 01:41:10, 01:41:11, 01:41:12, but there are X minutes between it.. good.. EHM...

Ok, yeah I think you should check out the snomask thingy I mentioned, that should have mentioned an error.

Oh and yeah, if the error shows with those snomasks but not without it, then I agree it's bad and should be always shown. I think this bug is the one stskeeps talked about a while ago to me, not seeing any error message.. :P

If even with those snomasks it doesn't show that error, that would be odd :)


2006-12-06 06:34

administrator   ~0012797

So just as an addition to above, could you verify that the snomask things shows an error? and if so, could you paste this error?



2006-12-06 07:16

reporter   ~0012798

vonitsanet is using modes +iowghaAsTVxNWqvGp +kcfFjveGnNqSso

[15:08:13] -FBSD6.unrealircd.testnet- *** Connecting to freebsd.unrealircd.testnet[].
[15:08:14] -FBSD6.unrealircd.testnet- Exiting ssl client freebsd.unrealircd.testnet[@]: SSL_connect(): Underlying syscall error

And nothing else.
I cant reproduce this with another server (with no ssl/zlib)

You can try urself:

*** Listener on, clients 2. is PERM SSL
*** Listener on, clients 0. is PERM SSL
*** Listener on, clients 0. is PERM
*** Listener on, clients 1. is PERM


2006-12-06 08:00

administrator   ~0012799

Thanks :)


2006-12-06 08:39

administrator   ~0012800

Thanks, fixed in CVS of 32* and 33*:

- Fixed SSL bug where an outgoing connect (either autoconnect, or /connect), would not
  show any error message when it failed. Error information has also been slightly
  improved. Reported by vonitsanet (0003138).

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