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0003139unrealircdpublic2007-05-04 09:02
Reportervonitsanet Assigned Tostskeeps 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
OSallOS Versionall 
Product Version3.2.6 
Fixed in Version3.3-alpha0 
Summary0003139: Improve error message for /connect
DescriptionWhen wildcard is used for hostname on the link block; when an oper tries to /connect this server it should say
"You can't connect a server with wildcard on hostname"
and not
"Unable to resolve hostname '*', when trying to connect to server"
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2007-04-18 17:08

reporter   ~0013536

Simple fix if so, can we do it or should this not be changed?


2007-04-28 21:53

reporter   ~0013920

Considering the ircd would in theory never succeed on such an attempt, I do agree connect should be rejected.

Furthermore, I'm thinking maybe we raise error if options::autoconnect is used with wildcard hostname.


2007-05-04 09:02

reporter   ~0014001

Fixed in .2389

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