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0003140unrealmodule apipublic2023-02-03 12:35
Reportercapitaine Assigned Tosyzop  
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Fixed in Version6.0.6 
Summary0003140: RPC communication
DescriptionOne may thinks daily admin (ie *lines, Spamfilter, ip tracking) could be easy once you are well trained with all ircd commands.
But the bigger the network is, the harder the admin is getting.
Thus, medium and big sized networks are dealing with thousands of bans and spamfilters, so it can quickly become a nightmare.
Couldn't attach my spamfilters list for you to check, as it weight 23Kb.

Well, I think the idea of RPC apis (XML or whatever) is great, and can help anybody who would like to build its own administration interfaces (shell, web, etc).
Direct interaction with the ircd could have so many applications, like ip/vhosts reports, bans or spamfilter add/remove, and at least human readable timestamps.

It could also introduce new development perspectives, like it has been with Anope PHP scripts.

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3rd party modules


related to 0000536 closedsyzop Config changes through WEB 
has duplicate 0004501 closedsyzop An XML-RPC interface. 



2007-04-18 16:25

reporter   ~0013534

Mmm. Thoughts?


2007-04-19 09:27

reporter   ~0013605

this seems like it would be better suited as a module


2007-04-26 05:48

administrator   ~0013722

I'm thinking this is a better idea than to build a webserver in the IRCd (as was the plan like.. 5 years ago).


2022-06-19 20:23

administrator   ~0022565

Currently being worked on for UnrealIRCd 6.0.5. The start of it is in current git with near zero documentation.
More work to follow.


2022-06-19 20:29

administrator   ~0022566 is the documentation starter


2022-06-24 20:56

administrator   ~0022579

The methods user.list and channel.list were already there, now added server_ban.list/.get/.add/.del so it's becoming more useful now.

Also sent out a call for help at (also on twitter and mailing list). Let's see if some web devs show up this weekend...


2022-12-07 13:54

administrator   ~0022679

In UnrealIRCd 6.0.5-rc1 these are implemented:

There is documentation at but still lacking technical details.

The webpanel status is not entirely clear, some people managed to get it up and running by now, i think.


2023-02-03 12:35

administrator   ~0022716

UnrealIRCd 6.0.5 had an initial API and UnrealIRCd 6.0.6 has an actual useful.. quite extensive.. JSON-RPC API.
See the 6.0.6 release announcement at
which also mentions the new admin panel at which is usable and useful.

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