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0003156unrealircdpublic2015-10-01 18:12
ReporterBricker Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
OSFreeBSDOS Version6.1 
Product Version3.2.6 
Fixed in Version3.4-alpha3 
Summary0003156: ./unreal restart and ./unreal rehash
DescriptionOk, heres what happens:

I change the server name in the unrealircd.conf and then save changes and do ./unreal restart

I wait a few minutes and it never comes back, so I do a ./unreal rehash to see if its partly running (if that makes sense) and I get

[gmbricker@ ~/unrealtestnet/Unreal3.2]$ ./unreal rehash
Rehashing UnrealIRCd
kill: 87371: No such process
[gmbricker@ ~/unrealtestnet/Unreal3.2]$

which it shouldnt be doing, iirc it should just say smth like "Unrealircd is not running"

oh, and I have to do ./unreal start to get it back up.
Steps To ReproduceChange name in the unrealircd.conf
Save changes
./unreal restart
wait a couple minutes
./unreal rehash
if unsuccessful boot or rehash then
./unreal start
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3rd party modules



2006-12-25 17:36

reporter   ~0012904



2006-12-25 20:23

reporter   ~0012906

Yeah, and when the pid does exist, I'm not really sure it's a good idea to blindly kill (especially since it's kill -9(!) for ./unreal stop) that process without checking if it is in fact unreal (not sure how this can be done).


2006-12-28 10:19

administrator   ~0012934

It should be noted that ./unreal restart does not work when the ircd is not already running.
Compared to other interfaces/systems this is unusual. Usually a restart results in a "start" when the daemon is not running and not in a "failure".

This should be fixed/changed.


2007-05-15 18:09

reporter   ~0014140 this coming along?


2007-05-16 02:42

reporter   ~0014141

Sorry, hereby linked to 3.3*


2007-05-16 09:27

reporter   ~0014144

:) ta Sts


2007-05-27 14:55

reporter   ~0014226

Fixed in devel CVS .2413 . (aquanigh 27-May-07): - 0003156 reported by Bricker: Made ./unreal dump some nicer errors eg (aquanigh 27-May-07): "UnrealIRCd is not running" as opposed to "kill: 3426: no such process" etc.


2015-09-30 05:40

reporter   ~0018705

Has this been fixed? This seem to be the commit that was never ported back to 3.2


2015-10-01 18:12

administrator   ~0018723

Yes. Was fixed in one of the alpha versions.
It outputs ERROR: UnrealIRCd is not running

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