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0003160unrealdocumentationpublic2006-12-23 14:13
ReporterAvanox Assigned Toaquanight  
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Product Version3.2.6 
Fixed in Version3.2.7 
Summary0003160: Whois misses in protocoll doc
DescriptionThe "WHOIS" TOK "#" command isn't described in the Server<->Server Documentation.
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2006-12-23 13:30

reporter   ~0012887

It should be pointed out that WHOIS is rarely (if ever) needed to be sent by services/stats (the main reason for the protocol docs really). Stats could possibly send it for monitoring idle times, but I don't know of any stats that do this. Most of the info in WHOIS is already sent via NICK, SJOIN, SERVER, SETHOST/CHGHOST, and so on, and is much more easily parsed via those commands (the WHOIS replies are all via server->client numerics). Typically, WHOIS would be implemented for receiving (eg /whois NickServ NickServ), so it and the typical reply numerics would need to be documented.


2006-12-23 14:13

reporter   ~0012888

WHOIS (and STATS, while I was at it) have been added to serverprotocol.html in both 3.3* (.2323) and 3.2*-cvs.

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