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0003170unrealircdpublic2015-07-25 13:29
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Product Version3.3-alpha0 
Fixed in Version3.4-beta3 
Summary0003170: Auto-bugreporting
DescriptionWhen UnrealIRCd crashes on windows (in GUI mode only?), consider auto-reporting the crash details to us. Of course, after the user has clicked some kind of 'send report' button.
Additional Informationcodemastr had this idea years ago

Don't know how easy or hard this would be, and if this would actually be a good idea. In general, we know that like 90% of the crashes are not reported to us and people then wonder why an issue still exists 2 years later.... :P
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3rd party modules



2006-12-28 10:17

reporter   ~0012932

hmm, i always click cancle on those things, or dont get that msg. I'll test it out


2015-06-27 23:28

administrator   ~0018424

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also consider not just for windows but *NIX as well

(if tty/interactive, then ask, otherwise do not ask of course :D)


on *NIX also check out where the core dumps go now that we changed all the paths.. I may have broken it (the ./unreal backtrace script).. probably did.


2015-07-12 18:13

administrator   ~0018478

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'./unreal backtrace' is now working again.
new directory structure broke it in two ways:
1. core is no longer in the 'root unrealircd directory'
2. the extra subdirectory broke things. eg: need to symlink that to the right chanmodes/ or usermodes/

I fixed the second issue by adding changing the tmp/*.so format. no-sub-dir-modules are still like but for instance issecure is And then improve the crazy awk script to do the symlink stuff so the backtrace is useable.

As for the first issue.. I did a chdir(PERMDATADIR) for now, so it dumps core files in data/.... Hmmmmmmm... not sure what's a better place. tmp could be a place but if someone makes that a writable or even readable.. hmm. OTOH, yeah maybe we should just use tmp..... :)
.. and then the cleanup-on-boot thing shouldn't delete the whole of tmp/ but skip *core* :p


2015-07-12 18:28

administrator   ~0018479

done, using tmp now. in ./configure we already call it 'private tmp directory' anyway. so it's the users/maintainers fault if they do silly things.


2015-07-12 18:28

administrator   ~0018480

so this leaves the auto-report shit.. IOTW: what this issue is actually about..


2015-07-25 09:12

administrator   ~0018564

Initial version (*NIX only):
HTTPS instead of HTTP for reporting:

The way it works is that on-boot the unrealircd script runs the unrealircd binary a second time with -R to check if a crash report needs to be generated. If not, it just exits silently. This way all code is in C which can make this decision best. It's also ran in a separate process for safety, so if we crash or hang (reporting is synchronous) it's much less of a problem.

Now left:
1) Windows.. is going to be interesting
2) Cleanup code
3) Something with user preferences


2015-07-25 13:29

administrator   ~0018565

This is now done.

Maybe userpref will be done later. Should be very unusual of course, a crash, so could just ask each time.
Just maybe for devs like me & Heero or devs writing 3rd party modules not to be bothered.

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