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0003177unrealircdpublic2012-12-27 02:53
Reportersyzop Assigned Tonenolod 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.3-alpha0 
Fixed in Version3.4-alpha1 
Summary0003177: Change add_Command's to CommandAdd's
DescriptionFor 3.3*, change all add_Command()'s to CommandAdd's, and actually remove add_Command() [or at least so modules cant use it anymore].

When converting to CommandAdd's, also fix/audit the flags.
There are many command that should never origin from a server. STATS is a good example. In that case, "STATS" shouldn't get the M_SERVER flag, only M_USER.
Do this for the rest as well....

Of course, when a command is added without M_SERVER, the if IsServer()..return 0.. check can be removed from the m_whatever function, since !IsServer() is guaranteed.
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2006-12-28 14:28

administrator   ~0012949

Consider something like M_REMOTE or M_LOCAL as well.
So you can define whether remote user requests should be allowed. And so this too can be removed from m_nameoffunctions
Examples of commands that should never originate from remote users are USERHOST, USERIP, PROTOCTL, etc...

2007-04-26 05:39


CommandAdd.3177-1.patch (68,249 bytes)


2007-04-26 05:42

reporter   ~0013721

Last edited: 2007-04-26 05:58

IMPORTANT!: Please delete CommandAdd.3177-1.patch, it is broken!

CommandAdd.3177-2.patch changes add_Command (and add_CommandX) to CommandAdd, adds modinfo->handle, adds M_USER|M_SERVER (where applicable), and removes del_Command blocks from `src/modules/*.c'.

This patch doesn't modify anything about M_*, as Stskeeps will handle that.

Run this patch from the Unreal root dir. Tested without failure.

2007-04-26 05:57


CommandAdd.3177-2.patch (68,253 bytes)


2007-06-12 14:56

reporter   ~0014341

Committed aegis' patch in 3.3-alpha0, .2436


2012-12-27 02:52

reporter   ~0017290

Done in 3.4, partially. Still need to kill add_Command() infrastructure.

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