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0003207unrealircdpublic2015-05-27 18:32
ReporterTechnomagick Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformi386OSDebian GNU/LinuxOS VersionSarge r0
Product Version3.2.6 
Fixed in Version3.2.7 
Summary0003207: An illogical check for oper privileges on /rehash with parametres.
DescriptionThe /rehash command is available for all opers who have a can_rehash flag, but when the command is issued with a parametre like "-motd", server rejects every oper, whos level is lower than a network admin. So e.g. a local operator can rehash all config files on his server but can`t reload his motd and oper motd. That is what I found illogic.
Additional InformationI think, I`ve found quite a way to fix it:
File: src/s_serv.c
String No. 656
    if (!IsAdmin(sptr) && !IsCoAdmin(sptr))

My variant:
    if (!OPCanRehash(sptr))
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2007-01-24 19:48

reporter   ~0013107

Yeah, especially considering that normal /rehash reloads them anyway.


2007-04-15 15:02

reporter   ~0013396


Minor, but should probably be addressed. Is this a needed fix? Simple enough if so.


2007-04-17 15:31

reporter   ~0013479

Sure /rehash is including /rehash -motd? Will someone check?


2007-04-17 16:29

reporter   ~0013480

it does. i would remove that check altogether though because the first things done in cmd_func(m_rehash) are return 0; on
if (MyClient(sptr) && !OPCanRehash(sptr)) and
if (!MyClient(sptr) && !IsNetAdmin(sptr) && !IsULine(sptr))


2015-05-27 18:31

administrator   ~0018366

Fixed / no longer an issue.
(netadmin is only for remote rehashes)

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