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0003258unrealircdpublic2007-04-19 02:39
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Platformi386OSLinuxOS Version2.6.10-1.771_FC2
Product Version3.2.6 
Summary0003258: New core feature: Seperate multiple channels in /kick and /mode with commas
/mode #chan1,#chan2 +o Bob
/kick #chan1,#chan2 Steve You suck
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duplicate of 0002394 closedsyzop Kicking/Changing modes for multiple channels 



2007-03-09 22:58

reporter   ~0013297

i like this idea :)


2007-03-09 23:01

reporter   ~0013298

Yeah, I miss these two features too from IRCnet-style servers.
Would be nice to have indeed. :)


2007-03-10 13:38

reporter   ~0013302

Read 0002394

There was also a past discussion where the idea was looked into in detail, and it came down to trying to impliment the feature as close to the RFC as possible, but the RFC was not clear on how it is supposed to work. I was unable to find that discussion :\

Shining Phoenix

2007-03-11 01:37

reporter   ~0013304

Well, is the unclear RFC closer to can do this or can't do this?


2007-03-12 20:24

reporter   ~0013307

The main problem is:

/kick #chan1,#chan2,#chan3 user1,user2,user3 reason

Is this equivalent to these:

/kick #chan1 user1,user2,user3
/kick #chan2 user1,user2,user3
/kick #chan3 user1,user2,user3

or these:

/kick #chan1 user1
/kick #chan2 user2
/kick #chan3 user3

I'd rather not deal with the hassle of trying to mess with multiple channels at once. There's also the question of how often it's used.

Shining Phoenix

2007-03-13 00:50

reporter   ~0013308

/kick #chan1,#chan2 nick1,nick2 reason

Would be equivalent to:

/kick #chan1 nick1 reason
/kick #chan1 nick2 reason
/kick #chan2 nick1 reason
/kick #chan2 nick2 reason

Shining Phoenix

2007-04-18 06:13

reporter   ~0013513

To quote vonitsanet: *bumb*

Since multikick is covered in another bugreport, let's talk about just multimode here.
/mode #chan1,#chan2 stuff
= /mode #chan1 stuff + /mode #chan2 stuff

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