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0003310unrealircdpublic2015-08-08 17:54
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Product Version3.2.6 
Summary0003310: Exempt channel admins from +Q
DescriptionThen you could server-side modelock +Q (Future feature which I hope will happen), thereby preventing ops from kicking each other (they can still use services to kick halfops =P), but not forcing channel admins to use services to kick when +Q is server-side modelocked on. And this means channel admins could kick when channel ops can't and when services are unavailable or the channel isn't registered. I know that currently you "can't" have channel admins in an unregistered channel...
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2007-04-30 18:56

reporter   ~0013956

I rather disagree.

Shining Phoenix

2007-04-30 22:25

reporter   ~0013961

Why do you disagree?


2007-04-30 22:39

reporter   ~0013963

I may agree with this BUT only for the channel owner because (with my logic) only the owner can tell to ops DONT kick.


2007-05-01 01:45

reporter   ~0013964

that makes rather more sense. but even so, I don't see the big issue with forcing them to use services.
I don't think that an exception should be available at all.

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