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0003324unrealircdpublic2015-07-13 22:58
Reportersyzop Assigned Tosyzop  
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Product Version3.3-alpha0 
Fixed in Version3.4-alpha4 
Summary0003324: LevelLimit style ircop restrictions
DescriptionI'd like to see levellimit (or a variation thereof) implemented in Unreal, so you can clearly restrict a channel to opers, admins, services admins, netadmins.
Obviously, this should be done in a module, probably can take codemastr's module (have not checked).
Additional InformationHopefully we can ditch +O/+A then?
Alternatives? Auto convert an +O/+A to +<whatevermode> <respectiveflag> [not currently technically possible, but the thought itself...]
Or only ditch +A and keep +O?
Or any other idea?

The idea is to provide better granularity and have less mode character pollution.

Of course, we could also just still provide +A/+O as a module...

Services coders are going to hate us for having such a modulizable ircd ;)
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3rd party modules



2007-05-09 21:37

reporter   ~0014066

[quote]Services coders are going to hate us for having such a modulizable ircd ;)[/quote]

I thought they already did?

On topic though. I'd agree at modulizing +A/+O with or without levellimit. Less stuff cluttering core + networks that don't need them don't have them cluttering mode character (as you pointed out) + overlaps with levellimit module + etc. Of course, I personally would like to see this eventually happen with all modes (except of course +beIqaohv and rfc ones), but that's beside the point.


2007-05-09 23:51

reporter   ~0014070

i like....pls to make it happen. cuz i want to be able to restrict to certain class of opers


2007-05-10 09:18

administrator   ~0014074

Good ;)

As for modulizing chanmodes, slightly offtopic IMHO, but as you can see in 3.3* I have modulized a couple, I started with the most difficult and big ones like +f/+G/+j (=finished), so it should only get easier... I'm sure people will be able to do it, the majority is a piece of cake.
I had an overview on which modes to modulize, but have lost the paper... I think it all comes down to 'all, except..'. The ones you exclude were also exactly the ones excluded on my list: the rfc ones, and the ones that would be too much of a hassle: user properties (q/a) and non-rfc1459 lists (e/I).. putting much time into implementing modulization for that is only a waste that should be spent on far more useful stuff. good you agree ;p


2007-05-10 14:31

reporter   ~0014077

I'd not mind seeing this implementation also, though the only thing about the LevelLimit module that I think could also have a slight improvement about, is an option for LocalOPs also which last I saw the module, it only covered GlobalOPs and up.


2007-05-10 18:17

reporter   ~0014080

[quote]an option for LocalOPs also which last I saw the module, it only covered GlobalOPs and up[/quote]

Keep in mind that currently you can use +O to allow local opers and above (though it's hell with whiny things like ircservices that go "Hey you shouldn't be here!" when they don't know better...). Levellimit probably didn't provide this because it was just duplicate functionality (although it would dodge aforementioned whiny services).


2007-05-10 20:55

reporter   ~0014082

Yeah that was the main issue I came across with +O is IRC Services tossing its fit and "You aren't permitted to be in this channel" :(

And LevelLimit automatically converts O to o due to that mode I guess.

I was just meaning if this ends up replacing the current things, of course it would be nice to have something for LocalOP matching as well :P


2007-05-11 06:55

developer   ~0014086

setting mode +O - old standard
setting mode +A - without params restrict for Server Admins, with params (a, N)
restrict channel for services admins, network admins, example:
/mode #channel +A (server admins)
/mode #channel +A a (services admins)
/mode #channel +A N (network admins)
so modes O and A can be also set without params :)


2007-05-11 09:38

reporter   ~0014088

Syzop's pointed out before that we can't have channel modes with optional parameters (it messes up with clients, etc).


2007-05-11 14:21

reporter   ~0014091

Last edited: 2007-05-11 14:22

Why not combine everything into +O with a required param, and have Unreal automatically add a default if the user does not specify one.

EDIT: Whole bugnote :P


2015-07-13 22:57

administrator   ~0018505

In 3.4-alpha4 and up we have operclasses along with an extban which can be used like +iI ~O:*netadmin*

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