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0003363unrealircdpublic2007-06-17 06:41
Reporteradrianp Assigned Tostskeeps 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformi386OSNetBSDOS Version3.1
Product Version3.2.6 
Fixed in Version3.3-alpha0 
Summary0003363: Patch for run-time configuration of setuid/setgid user and group.
DescriptionThis is a resubmission of

The setuid/setgid configuration of unrealircd currently require a user to hack config.h and define a IRC_UID and IRC_GID at compile time. When the server is run it then does a setuid/setgid to that user/group.

In terms of portability (i.e. compiling a pre-made binary and transporting it to another system) this is a bit of a limitation. It means that on the new system a new user/group has to be created with the same uid/gid that is compiled into the binary.

The simple way round this is to allow the uid/gid to be specified run-time as opposed to compile time.

I've attached a set of patches to achieve this. When you run ircd all you have to do is specify -u user:group (e.g. ./ircd -u nobody:nogroup) and that's it. No hardcoded uid/gid. I've tested this on NetBSD and the code seems ok. It should be pretty portable as well to other UNIX-like OS'es.
Additional InformationThe patch is primarily based on the way that ntpd 4.2.0 deals with the same issue.

The main people this should benefit is any OS (NetBSD, FreeBSD, Linux, OpenBSD etc.) that have pre-packaged binaries available for their users.

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2007-05-25 17:06


unrealircd.tar.gz (2,333 bytes)


2007-05-25 17:17

reporter   ~0014223

I'd prefer if you changed the patch to not have the user:group specified in the command line, and instead had a hard-coded username/group which you -then- lookup and switch to. This would be more sane, in my opinion, and would solve your problem. I'm still by nature against binary packages beside win32, but if you do the patch in the way I just said, I would probably accept it.


2007-06-12 15:24

reporter   ~0014344

Could one of the other coders take this patch and alter it in the way I described, to use ?

2007-06-16 15:04


Unreal3.2.diff (6,737 bytes)


2007-06-16 15:05

reporter   ~0014372

Here's an updated patch that uses getpwnam as suggested.


2007-06-17 06:41

reporter   ~0014376

Patched in 3.2.7 backports and 3.3 .2440. Thanks for the patch.

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