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0003380unrealircdpublic2015-08-08 17:52
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Product Version3.2.6 
Summary0003380: channel-command-prefix enhancement
DescriptionRather than only triggering on the prefixes, could we have it trigger when the message is prefixed by the user's nick?
Use cases that already exist:
BOPM already listens to BotNick: check <hostname>, and also to !all check <foo>
The channel that BOPMs sit in are rather... busy. Especially in my case. I'd like to set umode +d (and in some cases have) but still be able to give them commands, esp w/o having to give all of the BOPM bots the command.

No doubt other bots could use this, including my info module for SrBot.
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2007-06-06 18:10

reporter   ~0014286

I do like this the way it is, but perhaps we should add another set option to have it allow that... perhaps something like set::options::nick-as-command-prefix

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