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0003387unrealinstallingpublic2008-02-12 05:49
Reporteralien Assigned ToWolfSage  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformi386OSOpenBSDOS Version 4.1 GENERIC#143
Product Version3.2.6 
Fixed in Version3.3-alpha0 
Summary0003387: make error - undefined reference to `tre_version'
Descriptionafter reading the Makefile it seems to be an issue with Config not adding the correct IRCDLIBS. after running ./Config, the IRCDLIBS line in the Makefile looked like this:-
IRCDLIBS= -lcares
Steps To ReproduceThis happened every attempt
Additional InformationI have been to your irc room and got information to resolve this error, after i ./Config, i have to go to the Makefile and make the IRCDLIBS line look like this:-
IRCDLIBS= -lcares -L/home/zoid/Unreal3.2/extras/regexp/lib -ltre

After that there were no other issues found
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2007-06-12 12:23

reporter   ~0014339

I'll be testing this tonight probably.


2007-06-12 19:06

reporter   ~0014353

Last edited: 2007-06-12 19:10

Problem found:

This has to do with older versions of pkg-config (<.20) trying to append .pc to tre.pc. And if .pc is removed, no matter what, pkg-config prefers to use data from an installed lib over ours. Setting the search path didn't make it function any better.

Current versions do not suffer this problem.

I've found a simple workaround, but it's hardly a solution, which is to copy the tre.pc file to tre.pc.pc, and version .19 will see it. If this is acceptable, then so be it.

One other option is to fail if pkg-config is < .20 just as if pkg-config wasn't installed, and use the "../extras/regexp/lib -ltre" line instead.

Any ideas would be great....


2007-06-12 20:23

reporter   ~0014354

Seems throwing an error on everything older than .20 doesn't seem like a great workaround. There are many systems that run older versions.


2007-06-13 08:03

reporter   ~0014358

if test "x$ac_cv_path_PKGCONFIG" = "x" ; then
        TRELIBS="-L../extras/regexp/lib -ltre"
        TRELIBS=`$ac_cv_path_PKGCONFIG --libs tre.pc`

We can do another check here and if ac_cv_path_PKGCONFIG is older than .20, we'll just use the TRELIBS="-L../extras/regex/lib -ltre". Or we do:

if test "x$ac_cv_path_PKGCONFIG" = "x" ; then
        TRELIBS="-L../extras/regexp/lib -ltre"
        cp tre.pc tre.pc.pc
        TRELIBS=`$ac_cv_path_PKGCONFIG --libs tre.pc`
        rm tre.pc.pc


2008-02-12 03:05

reporter   ~0015116

Fixed in .260. Removed dependence on pgk-config. Relative paths work well enough.

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