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0003416unrealircdpublic2007-08-03 14:40
ReporterStealth Assigned Tostskeeps 
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Product Version4.0-devel 
Fixed in Version4.0-devel 
Summary0003416: Unreal4: LOADMODULE with wildcard output result of each module
DescriptionIf whilecards are used in a *module command, it only outputs 1 result, either success or fail.

It should be changed to do either of the following:
- Disallow wildcards (? and *)
- Output a success or fail for each module found. Was told "this is not possible because functions can only return one result", wildcards matches should be found before calling the loading function, to allow success/fail to be returned individually.

I would prefer the output of each module. Was told "this could create flood issues" and given an extreme example (500,000 modules?). IMO if you flood off from such a thing your conf needs to be fixed, or oper no flood needs to be fixed.
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child of 0003417 closed TODO list for Unreal4.0 



2007-07-28 11:50

reporter   ~0014620

Patched in r103

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