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0003420unrealircdpublic2009-07-24 01:06
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Product Version4.0-devel 
Summary0003420: Channelmode 'A' is missing
DescriptionChannelmode A (Only Administrators may join) is missing from U3 Featureset.
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2007-07-04 16:14

reporter   ~0014440

We should probably have a mode that's +O <lowest oper type that can join> maybe


2007-07-04 17:33

reporter   ~0014442

> We should probably have a mode that's +O <lowest oper type that can join> maybe

Was mentioned in the past, a lot of people liked it. The problem noted with it was clients have trouble with modes that have optional parameters.

Shining Phoenix

2007-07-04 20:34

reporter   ~0014444

Don't make the parameters optional then...just make the server set +O O when someone does /mode #channel +O


2007-07-14 16:13

reporter   ~0014488

Hm. Which client could that be?

Besides from this I agree to Shining Phoenix that the solution is to not make it optional. However: The problem with this is that +O is oper-only. But that isn't very useful at all. Instead of having an optional oper-only mode, people can set the lowest opertype in the hierarchy which is imho the best way to go.


2007-07-15 09:31

reporter   ~0014492

Except by default, there is no hierarchy. Unless you load, no type is really higher or lower than any other. I would think, something more logical is:

If is loaded, you can do +O <level>, which lets anyone in of that level or higher.

No matter what, you can also do: +O <type1>,<type2>,<type3>,... basically a comma-seperated list of types that can go in. We could also have in conf, <type joinoper="yes/no"> == if yes, that type can join +O even if it's not listed.

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