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0003421unrealircdpublic2007-07-20 13:07
ReporterBock Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformallOSallOS Version2.6.18
Product Version3.2.7-RC1 
Summary0003421: Mistake in /msg IRC WHOIS <nick> as webtv user
Descriptiontesting of:
Verify feature: 0003244 reported by CuLpA about grammar errors in webtv outputs

modes: wx|wrk +GVitwxz

/msg IRC whois Bock:
<wx|wrk> whois Bock
<IRC> WHOIS information for Bock
<IRC> Bock is wax@B0E6F2C6.F26E9FAD.4FD6DFA2.IP * Samets Anton
<IRC> Bock is on #Unreal-testing
<IRC> Bock is on irc via debian-SSL-ZIP.unrealircd.testnet UnrealIRCd test server on debian etch
<IRC> Bock is a a Network Administrator on TestNet
<IRC> Bock is available for help.
<IRC> Bock has been idle for 000000007days 000000020hours 000000033minutes 000000044secs signed on at Wednesday
                 June 27 2007 -- 14:22 +03:00
<IRC> End of whois information for Bock

is "is a a Network Administrator" correct?
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child of 0003111 closed 3.2.7 Release 



2007-07-05 04:15

reporter   ~0014446

Last edited: 2007-07-05 04:16

<IRC> Bock is a a Server Administrator on TestNet
<IRC> Bock is a an IRC Operator on TestNet

and all over :]


2007-07-14 05:04

reporter   ~0014483

fixed? imho yes.

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